Freedom of pure forms

Circle meets square: EDITION 90 from KEUCO merges the round with the square in an opulent symphony of form, marked by a conscious use of materials. The clarity of the design language found in the 90 degree angle is reflected consistently throughout the entire collection of bathroom elements – from fittings and accessories to washbasin, furniture and light mirrors. Developed by the renowned Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, EDITION 90 presents unique and luxurious bathroom worlds.

Available Fall 2019

Designer Dominik Tesseraux presents KEUCO's new EDITION 90 at ISH 2019

Light Mirror

Impeccable materiality

With two LED light sources arranged at the sides, the EDITION 90 light mirror provides flawless and shadow-free facial illumination. Its value is underlined by a surrounding chrome frame.

Light Color

Beautiful play of colors

The KEUCO lighting competence manifests itself in the EDITION 90 light mirror: continuous adjustable light colour for every lighting situation.


Something new only makes sense if it is better.


Attractive Contrasts

Square on round wall elements: The stylish accessories in the opulent EDITION 90 look also set the scene for details such as the glass holder.


Stylish accessories

Typical for KEUCO is the variety of accessories. The towel rail also refines every bathroom in an opulent look to create a stylish living space.

Shower and bathtub

Perfection down to the smallest detail

The consistently designed towel rails, hooks and double hooks as well as the handle convey solidity and the feeling of having an accessory in front of you "as if made of one piece".

Shower Shelf

Masterfully details

The elegantly shaped shower shelf holds the magnetic squeegee masterfully and unobtrusively


Everything in mind

Extraordinary design for ordinary everyday objects: from top to bottom in glossy chrome, the toilet brush set shows itself. Things such as mobile phones can be conveniently placed on the toilet paper holder.

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