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10 years availability of spare parts for KEUCO LED mirror cabinets

The use of LED lighting to save energy has been a subject of interest for some years now. Initially not particularly well liked because of their cold, bright light, they are now a top seller in all kinds of lighting. This applies to the bathroom, too. However, all LED lights are not equal. There are enormous differences in terms of quality, appearance, service life and energy consumption. Reason enough for KEUCO to take a closer look at the matter.

KEUCO mirror cabinets are valued and popular because of their good quality, durability and good spare parts service. But how is that consistent with an LED technology which one claims lasts a lifetime? What if it doesn't? KEUCO took a closer look at these questions and furnished its premium aluminium mirror cabinets with its own LED technology.

In KEUCO's new mirror cabinet models we now use our own LED modules, instead of the fluorescent lamps which were previously used. In addition to their very low energy consumption, these LED modules also have an excellent lifespan: with a minimum of 30,000 hours of operation, at optimum light yield they can last for a very long time.

The LED modules consist of a carrier strip on which the individual LEDs are fastened. The special thing here is that to obtain a uniform strip of light, the only diodes used are diodes which are very carefully sorted by colour temperature and brightness. This means that KEUCO only procures diodes which were specially selected by the supplier and harmonise with diodes of a matching colour. That is how the roughly 7 to 35 cm long LED strips are produced with homogeneous colour and brightness – i.e. with matching appearance.

The number of LED modules joined together by plug connectors and installed varies, depending on the size of the mirror cabinet. These LED strips with plug connectors have a tremendous upside for KEUCO customers: even years later they can still be replaced by a qualified electrician. With that, the spare parts service that KEUCO customers value so greatly is also available for LED technology: guaranteed for 10 years!

But that is not all. In recent years LED technology has gathered pace. Both the dimming as well as the changing of the light colour are exclusive features of LEDs. This is good news for bathroom customers, because now they can generate different atmospheric lights in the bathroom. This is easy to accomplish: all it takes to add atmosphere to the bathroom is a new mirror cabinet, such as the ROYAL LUMOS. From cosy warm-white light at 2700 K right to daylight white light at 6500 K, the KEUCO mirror cabinet offers any option for any time of day and mood – whether it is the daily shave or the relaxed bath.

And thanks to the separate light sources, the customer can choose the perfect light for either the whole room, for the face, or just for the fitting, each individually.

Using KEUCO's specially developed sensor controls it is also possible to adjust the light source, light intensity and light colour: on-off, bright-dim, warm-cold.

So with KEUCO mirror cabinets every wish is granted.

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Highlight concealed in the wall

Its modern lighting concept, individually organisable storage space and appealing design make ROYAL MATCH from KEUCO the universal mirror cabinet for every bathroom. In addition to the classic on-wall model there is also an elegant semi-recessed model. The semi-recessed mirror cabinet presents itself as a shallow mirror, protruding only 67 mm out from the wall. Behind it the generous storage space is concealed in the wall. And thanks to the shallow installation depth it is also suitable for thin drywall.

The special thing about the ROYAL MATCH is the LED lighting on the sides: the mirror doors open around the lights, ensuring perfect lighting at each position, regardless whether it is closed or opened. The long LEDs on the sides with their pleasant 3000 K warm-white light provide uniform and glare-free illumination of the face. Despite the long lifespan of the LEDs of over 30,000 hours, in the unlikely case of failure, the lights can easily be replaced by a service technician. The LEDs are fastened to carrier strips, which, because of their plug connection, can be replaced. KEUCO guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years.

The light can be switched on and off and dimmed to any level via the discreet, centrally located electronic sensor switch. In the night the LED lighting at the switch can be used for orientation.

The exclusive interior of the ROYAL MATCH features a premium white-lacquered rear glass panel. The central divider of the glass shelves allows one to adjust the heights of the glass shelves differently for the left and right sides, to organise things according to personal taste. The electric sockets inside are just as practical as the revolving doors with mirrors on both sides, which provide a generous all-round view while doing one’s hair. As with all KEUCO mirror cabinets, the ROYAL MATCH has a premium aluminium body that guarantees a long lifespan and is easy to look after. Luxurious aluminium rims also underscore the premium design on the outside.

With its modern and rectilinear design language, which harmonises with virtually any style, the ROYAL MATCH mirror cabinet – in widths of 650 mm to 1300 mm – is a visual treat in any bathroom.

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Shelf included, mirror heater optional

The PLAN LED light mirror presents itself framed like a picture. The surrounding frame made of luxurious silver anodised aluminium doubles as a practical shelf. With its universal design, the PLAN light mirror harmonises with every style. Optionally, it comes with a mirror heater, which prevents the mirror from fogging up after a shower – an option that satisfies more demanding expectations for both the private as well as the hotel bathroom. The advanced technology of the sensor-controlled mirror heater switches off again automatically 20 minutes after being switched on.

On top of that the PLAN light mirror offers two separately switchable and dimmable light sources: a main light consisting of upper and wall lighting, and a washbasin light. When it is switched on again the intelligent electronics remember the most recent lighting scenario. Both light sources can be controlled using the unique and visually attractive sensor electronics developed by KEUCO.

The mirror is available either as a non-illuminated or an illuminated version. With the illuminated version the customer can choose between a warm-white light colour (3000 K) or a steplessly adjustable light colour ranging from warm white to daylight white (6500 K). Moreover, in every light situation the long-lasting and glare-free LED lighting is energy-saving and maintenance free. Despite the long lifespan of the LEDs of over 30,000 hours, in the unlikely case of failure, the lights can easily be replaced by a service technician. The LEDs are fastened to carrier strips, which, because of their plug connection, can be replaced. KEUCO guarantees the availability of spare parts for 10 years.

With widths of 500 mm to 1200 mm in four different equipment variations each, the PLAN light mirror offers diverse options for a variety of needs and furnishing designs.

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Illuminated cosmetic mirror scores with convenient installation and use

At the top of the popularity scale for daily beauty care accessories is the cosmetic mirror – whether at home or in the hotel room. KEUCO's iLook_move cosmetic mirror impresses with its innovative hinge and LED lighting technology. Moreover, with its premium mirror surface, fivefold magnification, and its slender, luxurious design in round or square versions, conceived by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, it satisfies every wish. Its innovative technology and remarkable design won the iLook_move the coveted Design Plus award and the iF product design award. Models with various illumination and installation types are available to choose from.

For particular convenience there is the illuminated iLook_move with rocker switch. With a light colour of 6500 K, this model is switched on and off directly on the cosmetic mirror. At first use, such as during a stay at a hotel, the switch is easy to pinpoint.

The cosmetic mirror scores points in terms of installation too, since the plug and the rocker switch are integrated and all that is needed is a simple electrical connection. If necessary, the light can also be operated via a room switch.

The assortment features multiple surface finishes: in addition to glossy chrome, all models are also available in an aluminium and a stainless steel finish, as well as in the exclusive special finishes of bronze, nickel, and black chrome, each either brushed or polished.

The mirror shines with its clever hinge technology, which allows the swivelling arm to be adjusted in three dimensions. As such the mirror can be optimally aligned in height, left to right, and in inclination. Even without a conventional wall rail the luxurious design still allows maximum height adjustability. The enormous flexibility of the swivelling arm allows perfect use of the iLook_move in either a sitting or standing position.

Its robust wall mounting set and premium quality will make it an indispensible companion in the bathroom for many years to come. With its special hinge technology it is the perfect furnishing for frequent use, for example in hotel bathrooms.

But the iLook_move has much more to offer: The LED light is extremely long-lasting, and energy consumption minimal. It is high-tech for beauty care, but at the same time a perfect beauty with sensuously elegant charm.

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Aesthetic and practical everyday heroes

What can one do with the various items in the trouser pockets, such as cell phone etc., when there is no wall or window sill nearby to set things down? For this, KEUCO has developed a solution that is just as practical as it is elegant: a toilet paper holder/shelf combination in the design of the PLAN and EDITION 400 series.

Matching the other PLAN accessories, the PLAN toilet paper holder is available in a glossy chrome, matt aluminium, and premium stainless steel finish. Like the entire PLAN family, it combines timeless design, the highest functionality, and excellent quality. Mobile devices, money or other pocket contents can find a temporary and safe home on the slip-resistant and scratchproof shelf surface made of fine linoleum.

On the EDITION 400 model, the soft, organic forms expressed in its rounded corners interact harmoniously with the slender, rectilinear contours of the toilet paper holder with integrated shelf, producing an effect of aesthetic lightness. With a width of 328 mm and depth of 100 mm, this uniquely designed toilet paper holder provides shelf space near the WC, such as for mobile devices or discreetly stored hygiene articles for women, for example. With its luxurious appeal the filigree toilet paper holder made of premium aluminium spruces up every WC area. The aluminium surface is also very resistant, including against fingerprints, and it is very easy to clean.

Regardless which toilet paper holder one chooses, the shelves offer useful additional functionality – either at home in the private bathroom or in public sanitary facilities.

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Aesthetic, reliable and versatile everyday heroes

With its roughly 500 products, the PLAN series from KEUCO is the most comprehensive bathroom furnishings concept in the world. The collection offers versatile solutions for both private and hotel bathrooms as well as public sanitary facilities. Thanks to its high aesthetic standard, the best functionality and outstanding quality, the PLAN collection has become a sought-after, contemporary classic among architects, planners and installers. With its expanded assortment of accessories, PLAN will continue to impress in future through a unique variety of alternatives and timeless design.

Additionally, PLAN accessories are available in brilliant chrome, matt aluminium and high-quality stainless steel.

The PLAN cosmetic waste bin offers an extremely clever and smart solution with its 5 L volume: The inner bin including refuse bag has an outer mantel in chrome, stainless steel, aluminium or white. Thus the refuse bag is always hidden from view. The cosmetic waste bin can be conveniently operated via a separate cover. Moreover, a slip-resistant base makes it particularly stable.

With its single-handed operation and aesthetic cup for easy filling, the lotion dispenser is extremely practical too. The attractive thing about the shower shelf in dark grey, light grey or white is its little secret in the form of a wiper integrated invisibly into its design. It is also available without the wiper.

The perfect counterpart is the robust grab bar at a 135 degree angle with integrated soap holder, optionally as a right or left-sided variant. The soap holder can be taken out for cleaning and is available in three colours.

For commercial and hotel use, the PLAN series also includes a double toilet paper holder with roll brake. The luxurious towel rack made of safety glass offers space for guest’s towels.

A one-armed towel holder, which is available in two sizes, and a moist tissue box with sealing ring so it can be closed airtight, round off the extended assortment.

Both PLAN fittings in their familiar design as well as the new design interpretations of the PLAN S fitting series perfectly match all PLAN accessories.

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Washbasin furniture and light mirrors, tone in tone

KEUCO's PLAN furniture and washbasin series was conceived for design-lovers with a passion for unique functional features. Not only do the washbasin furniture and light mirrors offer impressive, innovative solutions, but they are also perfectly colour coordinated.

Developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, the design of KEUCO's comprehensive PLAN furniture and washbasin series is characterised by modern straight lines and straightforward elegance with a tone-in-tone look. For example, fronts and bodies of the furniture are always monochrome, radiating calm and harmony. The colours modelled on nature are exactly in line with current trends. Even friends of classic colours such as white and anthracite will find what they are looking for here for demanding architectural challenges. The glass surfaces add a luxurious touch to every bathroom. The PLAN furniture and washbasin sizes ranging from 500 mm to 1200 mm make bathrooms of every size shine, creating a unique atmosphere.

PLAN's handleless bathroom furniture takes centre stage through its simple elegance. And for that extra measure of attention, the bathroom furniture is also available with legs – for a contemporary look for vanity units, sideboards and tall units. The colour of the design-oriented, slim leg is coordinated with the furniture, and the filigree metal legs also have a premium powder coating.

The PLAN tall unit has a smart and visually appealing shelf integrated into the side. Indiscernible from the front, the unit offers an abundant amount of space for day-to day bathroom products.

Sensible functionality down to the smallest detail – this is how the PLAN vanity unit will surprise you with its additional inner drawer. The interior arrangement gives a finishing touch to the overall concept.

PLAN ceramic washbasins will impress you with their very flat yet filigree design and soft shape. The transition from generous storage space, down to the bowl of the washbasin is seamless, and the ceramic drain cover harmonises perfectly. Thanks to the extremely easy-to-care-for nature of the material, fine ceramic stoneware satisfies the highest standards of durability and hygiene. Moreover, it is possible to combine a washbasin made of the premium material Varicor in the standard width of 800 mm with PLAN bathroom furniture. As design highlight, a free-standing fitting designed specially for the linear washbasin stands raised in the middle of the washbasin.

Perfectly colour-coordinated (light) mirrors with sophisticated technology

The PLAN mirror and light mirror fit perfectly with the washbasin furniture of the series, forming an aesthetically pleasing unit. Their surrounding frames exactly match the respective colour of the furniture. At the same time, the frames give the (light) mirrors a picture-like effect. The coloured finish of the premium aluminium frame is durable and easy to care for, and the LED bulb ensures that the face is illuminated perfectly. The light mirror is available with up to two light colours and also with practical mirror heater. Using the control element, the light colour can be varied and the mirror heater turned on. The washbasin lighting and main lighting can be switched on or off and dimmed separately. The intelligent electronics remember the most recent lighting settings the next time it is switched on again.

With a matching design, KEUCO's PLAN S fittings and PLAN accessories add accents to bathroom design with PLAN washbasin furniture and light mirrors.

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A mirror cabinet like a picture with illuminated frame

The luxuriously crafted ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet from KEUCO is predestined for sumptuous, upscale bathrooms. An illuminated frame on three sides turns it into a genuine highlight in the bathroom – whether as a classic on-wall mirror cabinet or unique semi-recessed model. The open shelf compartment is very useful for frequently-used products.

The ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet from KEUCO, developed by the blisse-zetsche design agency in Munich, represents the merging of premium quality and top-notch design made in Germany with sophisticated lighting technology and clever use of space. The frames highlight the ROYAL LUMOS like a picture. The three-sided LED lighting which shines from within the translucent frame gives the mirror cabinet a lightweight appearance, as if it is hovering in front of the wall. This appearance of weightlessness is particularly pronounced when the mirror cabinet is installed semi-recessed in the wall. The generous storage space is partially concealed in the wall. The reflective exterior faces of the on-wall model are a testament to the highest standard of design. A design feature just as striking as it is practical is the integrated shelf compartment. Even with the mirror doors closed, it still allows easy access to frequently-used products. A premium inlay made of linoleum acts as a non-slip and scratch-free shelf surface for watches, jewellery and mobile devices.

KEUCO sets new standards with its clever lighting concept and intuitive operation. The LED lighting of the ROYAL LUMOS can be dimmed and the light colour adjusted in an infinite number of shades using the control panel: From a daylight white light of 6500 Kelvin, ideal for daily care to a warm-white light of 2700 Kelvin, ideal for a perfect evening makeup or an atmospheric bathing ambience. On top of that, the ROYAL LUMOS also has three light sources: The main lighting of the frame as well as compartment and washbasin lighting.

When the main lighting is switched on, the LED frame lighting lights the room and face and illuminates the cabinet interior when the doors are open. The additional downward lighting adds atmospheric light accents to fittings and washbasin, and the indirect lighting from the shelf compartment with its reflective rear wall is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The full lighting and indirect lighting – consisting of washbasin and compartment lighting – can each be switched on and off, dimmed, and varied in light colour separately. The compartment and washbasin lighting always light in parallel.

The premium interior features include reflective rear and side walls as well as practical details such as height-adjustable glass shelves and two electric sockets (subject to country specific regulations). The soft-close hinges ensure that the doors of the ROYAL LUMOS close extremely easily and softly. The revolving doors with interior mirrors allow the user to view the back of the head while doing hair.

Available in six widths ranging from 650 to 1400 mm, the ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet opens up individual design possibilities for bathrooms large and small. Depending on the width, it is equipped with up to three door mirrors and is perfect in combination with single or double washbasins. The on-wall and semi-recessed installation variants offer much versatility for contemporary bathroom architecture.

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Luxurious all-rounder at an attractive price

The mirror cabinet has been a popular classic in the bathroom for many years now. Not surprising, considering how elegantly it combines mirror, light and storage space. Slender design, premium surfaces and warm-white LED light in three dimmable lighting scenarios all come together to make the ROYAL 15 mirror cabinet from KEUCO the appealing stand alone item that it is for every bathroom.

With the ROYAL 15 mirror cabinet, KEUCO combines the use of innovative LED technology with a variably configurable storage space. A central feature of the design is the filigree, matt overhead lights made of light-conducting material, which lend a contemporary look to the linear form of the mirror cabinet. As such, the ROYAL 15 mirror cabinet can be combined with virtually any kind of bathroom furniture and style.

With its three switchable modes, the pleasant warm-white light of the LEDs can produce the ideal lighting scenario for any occasion: The overhead LED lights with frontal room lighting and simultaneous indirect upward wall lighting illuminate the face evenly with a pleasant light, perfect for daily care. The downward washbasin lighting is ideal as orientation light during the night or for creating a special atmosphere in the bathroom. Both lighting modes together illuminate the room brightly, and are enough to light the entire room. With the intuitive operation of the KEUCO rotary dimmer on the underside of the mirror cabinet body, the brightness of all three lighting scenarios can be adjusted to an infinite number of shades. A particularly practical feature of the KEUCO rotary dimmer is its ability to save the most recently selected mode and light intensity. In addition to its very low energy consumption, the LED lighting also offers a very long service life. With a minimum of 30,000 operating hours, the modern LEDs work for a very long time.

With its fully mirrored surface, the ROYAL 15 mirror cabinet has a very luxurious appeal. As with every aluminium mirror cabinet from KEUCO, it is made of premium material and offers high quality and top notch workmanship. Behind the revolving doors with their mirrors on both sides and soft-close hinges, there is ample space for care and cosmetic products. The doors also allow the user to view the back of the head while doing hair. The height-adjustable glass shelves allow the interior to be configured to suit personal needs., and with the electric sockets (or shaver socket) inside, electrical devices can be charged inside the mirror cabinet, even with the doors closed.

With its widths of 500 mm as a single-door mirror cabinet, 650 mm, 800 mm or 1000 mm as a double-door model, and 1200 mm as triple-door model, the ROYAL 15 is a genuine all-rounder for use in any bathroom. As a triple-door model it is equipped with two washbasin lights for double washbasins.

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With the intuitive operation of the rotary dimmer you can conveniently choose between three LED lighting scenarios

When it comes to lighting, the choice is yours with the three modes of the KEUCO’s ROYAL L1 mirror cabinet: The complete front illumination across the entire width of the mirror cabinet with simultaneous, unobtrusive upward wall lighting is perfect for daily care needs. The pleasantly indirect washbasin lighting, which highlights only the fitting with its focus, can act as night-light for orientation or create the perfect lighting for a relaxing bath, for example. To light up the whole room it is also possible to select both lighting modes at once. With KEUCO's innovative rotary dimmer for mirror cabinets, the light intensity can be dimmed to any setting. This dimmer can be found unobtrusively positioned and ready at hand on the underside of the mirror cabinet body. A simple rotation and the desired brightness are set. The modern LED bulbs used emit a pleasant warm-white luminous colour of 3000 Kelvin and offer a considerable 30,000+ operating hours. Their brightness and colour accuracy are so good that every look in the mirror becomes a treat. A particularly clever feature of the KEUCO rotary dimmer is its ability to save the most recently selected mode and light intensity.

The mirror cabinet comes in six sizes from 500 mm to 1300 mm, with one, two or three doors that have mirrors on both sides making it compatible with virtually any common washbasin format. From a length of 1200 mm and higher – twin-washbasin designs in other words – the washbasin lighting is designed for two fittings. This has the effect of highlighting sparkling chrome surfaces and uniquely designed forms in a particularly prominent way.

With its full mirror covering, the ROYAL L1 mirror cabinet is at home in any bathroom. Across the board it will win you over with its interior strengths, too: Interior areas, such as the rear wall, the illuminated profile, and the multiple electric sockets (subject to country regulations), all have an anodized finish.

With its height-adjustable glass shelves and anodized aluminium drawers, the clever arrangement of the interior provides generous space and convenient organization for all your care products. The electric sockets inside allow you to charge electric devices inside the mirror cabinet, even with the doors closed. The high-quality hinges ensure that the doors of the ROYAL L1 close extremely easily and softly. Since it was constructed with a limited number of different materials, the mirror cabinet has a very harmonious overall appearance as if it was fashioned entirely from a single object.

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State-of-the-art LED technology and a new light source create a special atmosphere in the bathroom

"Making good even better" – A motto that suits KEUCO's ROYAL REFLEX.2 mirror cabinet and light mirror perfectly. The successful models have now been enhanced with the most innovative technology and impress with new features.

To achieve the most pleasant lighting, the conventional lights had to give way to state-of-the-art LED technology. The LEDs emit a warm-white and particularly cosy light of 3000 Kelvin and offer a lifespan of a considerable 30,000+ operation hours. In addition to the front illumination across the entire width, both the ROYAL REFLEX.2 mirror cabinet as well as the light mirror now have an additional light source: By illuminating the washbasin, the fitting is highlighted in a particularly attractive way. For models of 1300 mm and higher with twin washbasins there are LED lights for two fittings.

And if that wasn't enough, KEUCO has even more in store: The KEUCO rotary dimmer has now replaced the rocker switch. Fixed to the underside of the body, it can be used to switch between three different lighting modes and also to dim the light intensity. A short press of the dimmer switches the lighting on and off. When the light is switched on, holding down the rotary dimmer longer causes it to toggle between the three lighting modes. In the first lighting mode the washbasin is illuminated. In the second mode the upper lighting of the mirror cabinet or the side-lighting of the light mirror is illuminated. In the third and final mode both of the light sources are switched on together. Rotating the dimmer regulates the intensity of the light.

KEUCO's ROYAL REFLEX.2 mirror cabinet and light mirror are extremely flexible because the models are available in five sizes ranging from 500 to 1300 mm. Depending on the width, the mirror cabinet is available with one, two or three doors that have mirrors on both sides.

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Unusual surfaces add a touch of extravagance to the bathroom

The luxury bathroom trend: fittings and accessories in special metallic bronze and nickel colours. But black is ‘in’, too. For IXMO fittings and EDITION 400 and EDITION 11 series fittings and accessories, KEUCO offers exclusively manufactured, gleaming metallic or black surfaces, each in either a matt or glossy finish. With these, KEUCO once again demonstrates its high standard of innovation in design and technology.

The extravagant metallic surfaces in warm bronze, champagne-coloured nickel and opulent black lend an exclusive touch, whether in upscale hotels or deluxe private bathrooms. Exclusive matt or glossy finishes use colour to add accents.

The production process is as unusual as the look itself. KEUCO only produces these exquisite fittings and accessories on a custom-order basis. Technically, the surfaces are something very special: they are not produced by electroplating, but rather by so-called PVD coating (physical vapour deposition). In this vacuum-based process, a thin coating is applied to the metal object, which does not change the surface, but does allow diverse colours. For the fittings and accessories, the production process guarantees extremely durable surfaces with an intense, deep shine and high degree of hardness.

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Practical and stylish: Comfortable shower seat promotes quality of life

The latest bathroom trend is floor-level and generously-sized showers. Next to the shower experience itself, design and comfort are top priority. For this, KEUCO offers a comprehensive assortment of fittings and accessories, combining sensuous design with sensible functionality. Extra comfort is provided by a seat in the shower. A surprisingly attractive and elegant solution is provided by the KEUCO shower seat, developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, which impresses at first sight with its premium material and quality workmanship. Its sitting comfort and high load capacity make it an attractive furnishing.

The KEUCO shower seat is made of a soft and body-friendly material, and has a pleasant and warm feel to it. Sitting on it, one feels secure, thanks to the special surface finish. The material is also extremely robust and easy to care for and clean.

With its clear and aesthetic design, the shower seat suits all kinds of bathroom furnishings. In a large SPA shower for example, it has a width of 450 mm and a depth of 330 mm, thus offering ample space. The concealed, extremely robust wall mount can support up to 150 kg.

The soft form and large round radii without corners or sharp edges make it just as comfortable as it is visually appealing: a perfect combination of design and comfort. In the colours dark grey, white, cashmere matt or truffle matt, the KEUCO shower seat captures the spirit of contemporary colours. That makes it a perfect match for KEUCO bathroom furniture and provides bathrooms with generously-sized showers the final touch for the perfect wellness feeling.

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Set the scene in your bathroom with EDITION 400 from KEUCO

With superbly designed products, KEUCO establishes a unique atmosphere in the bathroom. KEUCO's EDITION 400 bathroom furnishings, developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, promise special accents with their aesthetic forms, functional features in the details, and premium quality. Extraordinary fittings and accessories showcase your shower perfectly. The free-standing bath tub mixer forms the focus point of the bathroom. Technical innovation in the washing area: the integrated mirror heater of the EDITION 400 mirror cabinet. Combined with perfectly coordinated washbasins and vanity units of KEUCO's EDITION 400 bathroom furnishings, every bathroom becomes a unique space for living.

Practical and beautiful: The luxurious towel rack

With its rounded corners, the extraordinary EDITION 400 towel rack with integrated towel holder harmoniously combines soft, organic forms with slender, linear contours to produce an effect of sensuous, aesthetic lightness. This filigree elegance is underlined by a unique combination of materials made of coloured safety glass as well as a high quality aluminium shelf. Despite its extreme robustness, the 600 mm wide towel rack seems to float in front of the wall, casting fascinating shadows. The four glass colours of dark grey, white, cashmere and truffle are perfectly coordinated with KEUCO furniture. Designed for lovers of the unique, the EDITION 400 towel rack is an extraordinary visual treat – whether in private bathrooms or high-end hotels.

Order in the shower with the innovative corner shower shelf

The EDITION 400 corner shower shelf made of solid long-lasting silver-anodized aluminium is available both with and without integrated glass wiper. As an unobtrusive design element, the white glass wiper made of robust, easy-to-care-for plastic is impressive with its high quality rubber lip. According to the motto "making good use of corners", the corner shower shelf doesn't get in the way, but still has lots of shelf space to offer. With its straightforward, minimalist design it fits in with any bathroom. The particularly clever single-edge fastener on one side makes it easy to install.

Eye-catcher in the bathroom: The free-standing bath tub mixer

The design of KEUCO's EDITION 400 fittings uses a soft but classic language to express itself. Organic forms merge with linear contours to create a harmonious whole. Their form is characterised by a gentle oval, which is brought out to great effect by the brilliant chrome surfaces. In addition to its appealing design, the EDITION 400 free-standing bath tub mixer offers a separate hand shower and a practical glass shelf for bathroom products. As a special design statement in the bathroom, it can be used in combination with a wide range of bath tubs.

Mirror cabinets with mirror heater ensure clear vision after showering

KEUCO has also integrated the innovative mirror heater in the doors of the EDITION 400 mirror cabinets, for fog-free vision after showering. It is an innovation that is both practical as well as intelligent, because after twenty minutes the heater shuts itself off automatically. Refined technology is concealed in the slender door design, ensuring user comfort. Not only is the LED lighting dimmable, but the colour of the light can also be adjusted in an infinite number of ways: from bright white daylight to a warm-white light.

With the help of visually unobtrusive and intelligent sensor controls, EDITION 400 mirror cabinets always establish the right light for the user and the room, according to the time of day and the user’s personal preferences. Moreover, in every light situation the long-lasting and glare-free LED lighting saves energy, and is maintenance free.

Looking more closely at the details, the EDITION 400 mirror cabinet offers an interior compartment in the body, which becomes a shelf with the help of a sliding glass plate. Concealed behind that is an electric socket and storage space with additional uses: Even larger objects, such as an electric toothbrush, can be stored away here, saving space, and be charged up at the same time. Available in three widths, EDITION 400 mirror cabinets open up individual design possibilities for bathrooms both large and small. The many surface and recessed installation variations allow a generous amount of planning freedom for modern bathroom architecture.

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Leidenschaft macht den Unterschied

Mit der EDITION 400 setzt KEUCO neue Zeichen in der modernen Badgestaltung. Das designstarke Badeinrichtungskonzept setzt auf ein hohes Maß an Individualisierung. Sämtliche Produkte der Serie, angefangen von Badmöbeln und Waschtischen, über Armaturen und Accessoires bis hin zu Spiegelschränken und Lichtspiegeln schmeicheln mit ihrer einzigartig filigranen und gleichzeitig skulptural anmutenden Formensprache. Vielfältige Kombinationsmöglichkeiten, Farben und Materialien bieten ein breites Spektrum für intelligentes, raumbezogenes Arrangieren. Sinnvolle Funktionen bringen Ordnung und Komfort ins Bad und schaffen ein einzigartiges Ambiente. Ausgezeichnet mit dem „Design Plus“ Gütesiegel setzt die EDITION 400 - entworfen vom Designbüro Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam - neue Maßstäbe für die Bäder der Zukunft.

EDITION 400 – ein Badkonzept, das Wohn(t)räume nach Wunsch realisiert. Herzstück der EDITION 400 ist der exklusive Waschplatz mit Waschtisch und Waschtischunterbau, auf Wunsch als maßgefertigte Lösung mit Waschtischboard und modularen Unterbauschränken oder frei kombinierbaren Sideboards. Neben einem breiten Möbelangebot in trendigen Farben und Oberflächen in Strukturlack, Hochglanz Lack oder Echtholzfurnier stehen zahlreiche Keramikwaschtische in unterschiedlichen Formen und Größen zur Wahl.

Ein innovatives Highlight sind die Spiegelschränke und Lichtspiegel der EDITION 400: die stromsparende LED-Beleuchtung ist nicht nur dimmbar, sondern die Lichtfarbe lässt sich stufenlos einstellen – von hellweißem Tageslicht bis hin zu warmweißem Licht. Der Lichtspiegel ist mit einer sensorgesteuerten Spiegelheizung versehen, die für einen beschlagfreien Spiegel sorgt.

Auffallend filigran und zierlich ziehen die Armaturen und Accessoires der EDTION 400 den Blick auf sich. Jedes einzelne Produkt gleicht einer einzigartigen Skulptur. Weiche, organische Formen verbinden sich harmonisch mit geradlinigen Konturen und schmeicheln dem Betrachter mit einer grazilen Eleganz. Erstklassige Verarbeitung und perfekte Chromoberflächen sind ein optischer Genuss für anspruchsvolle Ästheten.

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