Semi-public WC facilities in the gastronomy business with KEUCO

If Hemer wasn't famous before, it certainly was after the 2010 state garden show put it on the regional map. Right in the Sauerlandpark, in the grounds of the garden show, the " ZwanzigZehn - Restaurant & Bar " can be found in one of the former army barracks situated there. Hemer has also been the location of KEUCO's headquarters ever since it was founded in 1953. When the barracks were converted to a restaurant, KEUCO was responsible for supplying the excellent furnishings in the sanitary facilities.

The atmosphere exuded by ZwanzigZehn's modern interior offers a feeling of wellbeing and invites you to linger. The successful concept of the restaurant was also echoed in the toilet facilities. With great success too: The blend of KEUCO EDITION 11 fittings, ROYAL 60 series washbasins, bathroom furniture and mirrors, and PLAN accessories uniquely combines aesthetics with utility. Lights from KEUCO bathe everything in a pleasant radiance in accommodations where room design is normally monotonous. A trip to the facilities here is something to look forward to. A conscious decision was made to use comfortable furnishings. For manager Anita Heuer it is important that no effort be spared to make the guest comfortable: "A visit to our restaurant should be like eating at a good friend's place. The first-rate design of the bathrooms is definitely something our guests appreciate. The remarkably excellent quality of the products is impossible to overlook."

Because of the care that was taken in the selection of the products and materials, the overall impression in the WC facilities is one of harmony. The men's and women's toilet facilities in the restaurant's adjacent event rooms were modernised too, with the addition of KEUCO product highlights. Toilet paper holders, toilet brush sets and sanitary bag dispensers are within easy reach in the toilets. The washbasins are furnished with KEUCO fittings, lotion dispensers and mirrors. Against the black tiles the chrome finishes contrast beautifully, setting luxurious accents.

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