Bathroom furnishing with KEUCO in Hamburg's The Fontenay luxury hotel:

With an open-minded, cosmopolitan, and classic orientation

Hamburg architect Jan Störmer's design of The Fontenay luxury hotel is an homage to the Hanseatic city. The sculptural and organic circle-shaped architecture successfully achieves a balance between the urban character of the city and its natural surroundings. Situated directly on the Alster, it is an island of tranquillity in the middle of Hamburg. The exquisite structure makes it possible to experience the Hanseatic slogan "modern classic" first hand: an open-minded outlook together with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, but with a marked penchant for the classical.

Because of the way the bright, curvy and light-flooded architecture is designed, all 130 rooms and suits face outward, and many offer a view of the Alster. The interior design of the guest rooms by Christian Meinert of the architectural firm Aukett + Heese in Berlin employs perfectly coordinated colours that harmonise wonderfully with the surrounding waterside park landscape. Light beige tones, green onyx walls, warm white nuances, and turquoise and royal blue accents faithfully mirror the natural surroundings. In the hotel bathrooms, light natural stone is used. Here, too, the products and materials chosen with special care ensure an overall impression of refinement and complete harmony. The furnishings, which include KEUCO cosmetic mirrors, stools and accessories with brushed nickel finish, are ideal – a perfect synthesis of the classical and the modern – simply a "modern classic".

The refined and matt shine of nickel, its extreme durability, and its solid value are what makes this finish so special and attractive, and the first choice in The Fontenay hotel. Particularly in a hotel, the bathroom furnishings must always meet the high expectations of guests and management. Lasting brilliance is guaranteed by the first rate "made in Germany" workmanship and the strict controls on quality.

Because of the careful attention given to the choice of products, time spent in the bathroom is a special experience for every hotel guest. For beauty care, the illuminated cosmetic mirror is a coveted utensil, and the bathroom stool with wooden seat invites you to stay a bit longer. With their pronounced design the accessories round off the bathroom setting perfectly.

The Fontenay hotel in Hamburg is an architectural masterpiece par excellence. The meticulously thought-through concept and the stylish attention to detail resonate consistently throughout the entire premises. With their brushed nickel finish, KEUCO's accessories are the perfect complement and emphasize the exclusive and modern character of the bathrooms even more.

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