Special perks for employees: a shower area on the business premises

Here, work-life balance is writ large: A company that provides its employees with a modern shower and wash area furnished with premium materials and products demonstrates the value it places on social commitment. After a long trip or sports activities in the morning, employees can freshen up here before heading to the office. In the facilities, emphasis was placed on quality, because the spacious showers, plentiful hairdressing tables with hair dryers, washbasins with modern light mirrors and the toilets were all furnished with products from KEUCO. The facilities enjoy high acceptance among employees, who are happy to make use of the shower and wash area at their own pace before or after work.

The highlight in the showers is KEUCO's innovative IXMO shower fittings. The intelligent combination of functions produces an overall picture of simplicity. In use, IXMO impresses across the board: The volume of water and the temperature are adjusted with the single-lever mixer. The water source - head or hand shower - is chosen using the selector, which is integrated in only one module together with the hand shower holder and the shower hose connection. Fewer fittings on the wall also translates into less effort required for cleaning - an advantage particularly in semi-public areas.

Paper towel dispensers and matching waste bins from KEUCO were also chosen for the washbasin areas. That makes for a clear-cut overall picture and is hygienic. Even the contact-free fittings prove to be both practical as well as hygienic. And the brilliant chrome finishes add a special touch to the modern wash area. A large KEUCO light mirror guarantees an optimum reflection.
A special light-conducting material conducts the light of the LED to the surface and guarantees ideal illumination of the face at all times. Discreetly-placed and intelligent sensor controls allow dimming of the light and adjustment of the luminous colour to any setting.

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