Exclusive living in Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne

With its direct Rhine location, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne's Deutz district is a popular area for tourists and trade fair visitors alike. From their vantage point in the hotel, guests also have a view of the most famous landmark of the city: Cologne Cathedral. Setting out from the designer hotel, it is only a few minutes' walk over the Hohenzollern bridge, with all its affixed padlocks, to the city centre.

Together with the German magazine Wohnidee and other highly trained specialists, the interior architects from the agency JOI-Design, prop. Peter Joehnk and Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, designed exclusive suites for the hotel. Design highlights and special materials were brought together to create a modern atmosphere for the guests. Carefully selected products from KEUCO give the premium bathroom furnishings in the “Urban Retro” suite a very special touch.

The interplay between the soft forms and straight contours of EDITION 400 integrates harmoniously into the surroundings of the premium furnishings of the room. A soft oval characterises the face of the washbasin fitting and the bathroom accessories, whose brilliant chrome finishes highlight them effectively. Decoration together with the finest in functionality can be seen in the free-standing porcelain accessories of EDITION 11. And for perfect illumination of the face, there is the light mirror from EDITION 400. The secret: A special light-conducting material transmits the light of the LED to the surface. The lights can be dimmed with the sensor controls, allowing the luminous colour to be adjusted to any setting. The mirror also has an integrated heater, so fogged mirrors are a thing of the past. The illuminated cosmetic mirror is perfect for taking a closer look. The adjustable luminous colour and flexible height settings allow guests to adapt the mirror exactly to meet their needs.

In the shower the hotel guest is free to choose between three outlets. The innovative IXMO fitting from KEUCO combines several functions in the smallest of spaces.

Three-way diverter valve, wall outlet and hand shower bracket are all integrated into one module. With the help of the thermostat each guest can adjust the optimum temperature for the head shower, waterfall shower or hand shower. One of the great advantages of IXMO is that the placement of the modules can be chosen individually, meaning that, due to the optimum positioning, the stop cock can be operated before even stepping into the shower.

A versatile shower system with a minimalistic appearance. What’s special about IXMO is that all modules have the same dimensions. Their excellent design can't fail to impress, regardless whether round or rectangular. With a diameter or edge length of only 90 mm and a depth of only 80 mm they present themselves to the guest with a uniform appearance, and offer the best freedom of movement in the shower.

After an eventful day in the Rhine city, guests at the four-star hotel can relax in the bath tub. The meTime_spa panel allows perfect temperature adjustment of the temperature and switches between wall outlet and hand shower. Space for deco items and care products is available on the practical shelf.

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