Luxury apartments in Sylt furnished with KEUCO

The apartments of the "Neue Mitte Westerland" are situated right in the midst of the bustling city of the island. They are used as either holiday accommodation or as year-round dwelling in a prime location. On the three upper floors a total of 22 living units were built. The uppermost floor is reserved for two luxurious penthouses; a variety of apartment types can be found among them. Large terraces produced by the staggered building structure, open floor plans, and an interior design characteristic of the island mark the quality of living to be found at the "Neue Mitte Westerland". On the ground floor, six exclusive retail spaces and fine boutiques can be found. Responsible for this meticulously planned, mixed-use concept was the project developer DC Developments in Hamburg.

In the choice of products to furnish the apartments, the architects from UK2 Urban Architecture in Hamburg placed high priority on timeless design, premium materials and the best in quality. So it wasn't surprising that KEUCO washbasins, bathroom furniture, light mirrors and accessories found their way into the luxurious bathrooms.

With its anthracite-coloured base unit, the EDITION 11 washbasin from KEUCO adds a touch of elegance, forming the centrepiece of every light-bathed bathroom. The brilliant glass front exudes an extravagant flair. The light mirror was chosen as a harmonious match for the bathroom furniture's straight-lined design. With its formal and minimalist character, the EDITION 11 mirror cabinet repeatedly attracts your gaze. The wide illuminated side wings are particularly striking. Upon closer inspection it turns out they are not rigidly fixed in place, but that each mirror can be swivelled out. Thus the light mirror provides a perfect all-round view. At the same time, with the intelligent individually adjustable lighting concept, the face is always optimally illuminated.

Conceived by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, the innovative EDITION 11 furnishing concept from KEUCO was developed particularly with upscale interior architecture in mind, offering individual solutions for creative and demanding bathroom planning.

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