Patients have the option of a plus with more comfort

KEUCO PLAN provides tasteful security in the optional service area

Convalescing in a pleasant atmosphere: This was the goal set by Agaplesion hospital in Gießen. The newly renovated rooms in the optional service area are furnished in a bright and friendly way. It is an atmosphere which makes a stay at the hospital more like home. The same applies to the bathrooms of the patient rooms. They are to be tasteful, offer convenience, and still provide the necessary support. In the area of barrier-free bathroom design, KEUCO products from the PLAN series are the first choice when it comes to high quality, design-oriented products that also provide security. The universal design of the series is characterized by a timeless and lasting language of form. For interior architecture the three finishes of stainless steel, chrome-plated, and aluminium offer versatile possibilities. In the optional service area of Agaplesion hospital the choice went to fittings and accessories with a luxurious matt aluminium finish.

Premium aluminium finishes from KEUCO are known particularly for their resilience - against fingerprints and water droplets, for example - so they are very easy to look after. These special properties are just as beneficial in the private bathroom as they are for use in public and semi-public areas, such as in clinics. Added to that is the fact that in hospitals all surfaces must be cleaned by wipe disinfection, which leaves residues on glossy surfaces and makes additional polishing necessary after cleaning. But on matt aluminium finishes polishing is unnecessary, because cleaning agents and disinfectants leave no visible residues. And with their velvety feel the KEUCO fittings and accessories really flatter the hands. Aside from their flawless finishes, KEUCO fittings and accessories prove their worth through excellent workmanship and quality, and guarantee the best longevity.

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