Upscale golf hotel sports rooms with exclusive bathroom designs

Nestled in the softly rolling hills of Sauerland, the grounds of the Golf-Club Gut Neuenhof, can be found - a club with a long history and tradition.

Golf-Club Gut Neuenhof was established in 1995 in the surroundings of an 18th century farmhouse. The facilities have been continuously developed and beautified over the years. Today, it is a top 18-hole golfing location with a futuristic clubhouse whose avant-garde architecture creates an interesting contrast with the historical farmhouse structure. Opened in September 2012, right beside the clubhouse is the Golf-Hotel Gut Neuenhof, a modern building characterised by a linear style. In a landscape marked by the foothills of Sauerland, the regional affinity for nature can be seen echoed in the concept of the hotel. Inside the hotel, the interiors correspondingly reiterate the natural materials and colours of the environment: Solid natural woods dominate the rooms as do sand and earth tones. Painstakingly selected interiors and stylish settings establish a very intimate atmosphere.

An inconspicuous elegance dominates the furnishing arrangements of the hotel rooms. A highlight of the rooms is the modern and open room geometry between bathroom and sleeping area. Spacious shower, modern wash area with plenty of space for personal items, separate WC, and optimum integration of daytime light all provide the degree of privacy the discerning guest would expect. Accordingly, the interior decorators chose KEUCO's EDITION 11 for the fittings and accessories, which was developed specifically with rooms with an architectural orientation in mind, and was the perfect match for the overall concept. An optimum level of comfort is provided by the wall spout fitting at the washbasin and the special hotel items, such as a hair dryer, illuminated cosmetic mirror and waste bin. A sponge basket supplies shelf space in the shower. The light is opulently reflected on the brilliant chrome surfaces of the KEUCO items, and the striking design is underscored by the sharp lines and geometric clarity of the forms, giving the room a luxurious feel. In the details the square decor discs of the EDITION 11 fittings reiterate the overall linear design of the bathroom, adding a finishing touch to Golf-Hotel Gut Neuenhof.

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