Exquisite rooms and suites with designer bathrooms

The COSMO Hotel Berlin Mitte lies right at the heart of the metropolis of Berlin . It is the product of the conversion of a new, never-used office building into a hotel with 84 rooms. The architectural office SEHW, Berlin, was responsible for the work. As a member of the highly regarded Design Hotels family, the hotel intends to be more than just another luxurious accommodation business in the capital. In a rigorously through-designed atmosphere, it offers its guests an extra special experience, personal care and the best connections to the city.

The hotel atmosphere is distinguished by clear lines and simple elegance. A restrained colour palette with red accents distinguishes the interior design. Spice colors and silver and bronze notes, as well as elegant and high-quality furniture, set the tone.

In designing the bathrooms and basins, great value was placed on design. The colors and shapes of the design elements play a particularly important role here. So, for the basin areas, COLORBOARDS by KEUCO were selected that could be individually manufactured in the desired RAL colour. The olive shade matches the natural/earth tones of the floor and the overall furnishings of the rooms, with their predominant beige and brown shades. All COLORBOARDS were tailor-made to meet the room requirements, as the rooms have various different floor plans and the basins are sometimes free standing and sometimes placed in a niche or a recess. The glass COLORBOARDS are distinguished by their ease of cleaning, hygiene and durability, something particularly important in a hotel. Both single and double washbasins were equipped with the the oval basin from the ELEGANCE series by KEUCO. All fittings and accessories are also from the ELEGANCE series, with their consistent design and high quality, and are the best possible fit for the demands of the hotel and its lifestyle-oriented customer base. For a complete and perfectly attuned washbasin, the light mirrors by KEUCO are also tailor-made by KEUCO, like the COLORBOARDS.

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