A stylish KEUCO bathroom in a temporary home

Private Clinic Blomenburg stands for holism when it comes to the therapy and design concept

A haven in the middle of a beautiful environment in the north of Germany: The 19th Century Blomenburg („Burg“ for castle), is surrounded by a huge park. Away from the everyday hustle and bustle, offering 69 furnished in premium quality, spacious single rooms and suites. The modern bathrooms are equipped with KEUCO furnishings and complement the syntonic interior design. Here the guests can dedicate their soul to regeneration in a quiet and peaceful stylish ambience.

The elaborate restoration of the building was carried out taking the historic importance and special use of the Blomenburg into consideration. The new building with its generous glass facade was constructed under the castle rock and now accommodates the guest rooms. Between the old and the new building, there is an approximately 800m² big spa and pool area engrafted in the topography of the castle rock. The historic buildings surrounding the castle yard are used for social purposes, medical fitness, healthy living and mindfulness training of the body, soul and mind. The exclusive design of the indoor rooms is not to be compared with the magnificence of the outside of the buildings.

Noble materials and luxurious items of furniture in the guest rooms create an ideal setting for convalescence and relaxation. This temporary home equipped with KEUCO furnishings and accessories in the bathroom offer the guests plenty of storage space for personal care products. Not only do the PLAN vanity unit and tall unit in unobtrusive truffle offer generous storage space, but the light mirror with a frame offers additional storage space. The perfect light lets the windowless bathrooms appear brighter and friendlier. The integrated mirror heating makes it possible to look in the mirror after a hot and relaxing shower.

IXMO fittings in a strong design offer intuitive use to reach the right temperature. Matching accessories nicely round-off the bathroom interior in a coherent way and perfectly match the high-class concept of the clinic.

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