KEUCO furnishings in architect's historical house

Düsseldorfer Strasse is a street in the town of Mettmann which is known for its historical houses with characteristic slate fronts. In the not too distant past they housed the weaving looms of the Neviandt & Pfleiderer textile production company; today one of these houses is the home of architect Werner Sübai (HPP Architekten Düsseldorf). As is typical of slate houses built around 1800, all windows have shutters in the familiar Bergisches Land region's green. The two-story, three-dormer house with eaves oriented parallel to the street was meticulously renovated with painstaking attention to detail and special care in the choice of appropriate materials. Despite the use of contemporary materials, the intent was to retain the charm of the past epoch. Exposed beams offer a glimpse of the original building construction. With light-coloured clay plastering and fine wooden floors, the accommodations have an inviting and cosy character. Old favourites, rarities and designer objects stand out among the tasteful interior decor.

The upscale character of the interior architecture continues into the bathrooms: for the washing area, Werner Sübai chose KEUCO's EDITION LIGNATUR, which was produced through collaboration between KEUCO and the natural woods specialist, Team 7. The flooring together with the bathroom furniture made of solid light oak creates a harmonious overall picture. With its brilliant light the overhead light panel on the EDITION LIGNATUR light mirror adds vitality to the washing area. Apart from the design, KEUCO also produced the sophisticated technology which is operated through the control panel. It includes various light colours and a dimming function as well as a practical mirror heater to ensure fog-free visibility after a shower. Slender EDITION 400 fittings and accessories add the finishing touch to this picture of perfection.

IXMO fittings adorn the shower with discreet elegance. By combining multiple functions in such a unique way, KEUCO unites innovative technology with minimalistic design. This way the number of products on the wall can be reduced to a minimum. And with a diameter or edge length of only 90 mm and a depth of only 80 mm, it is impressive how small the visible parts are. Particularly nice for the shower design is the fact that all of the chrome fitting components are the same size. Exquisitely designed bathroom furnishings find their home in a house with a charming slate front in the Bergisches Land region.

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