A floor plan with ample room for creativity

"We wanted our house to be transformable and also to have a positive influence on our ability to develop, and not restrict us." – This is the maxim that guided graduate interior designer Wiebke Rütters in the realisation of her dream home, and allowed her to have it built under her direction in the Bauhaus style.

Form follows function – the guiding philosophy of the Bauhaus movement became a central factor in the plan. The design gives the family leeway to make changes and supplies much room for creativity. The functionality of the house is characterised by generous use of space and open interiors; carefully chosen materials and design elements appeal to the senses. "For my family and I the excellent functionality of the room arrangements and the furniture and the potential for rearrangement has produced a harmonious setting that allows for lots of adventure in everyday life," says Rütters.

In addition to the ability to make creative modifications, another important aspect was the sustainability of the construction. For example, energy is produced geothermally, and as a smart house it is fit for the future thanks to an integrated BUS system. For the interior furnishings too, a choice was made for high quality and particularly long-lasting products. That is why KEUCO's EDITION 400 chrome-plated fittings can be found in the bathrooms. While integrating perfectly in the contemporary but unobtrusive room design, they still add sparkling highlights at the washbasin. Rütters' many years of experience, some of which she acquired working with Matteo Thun in Milan, sharpened her eye for individual aesthetics in the bathroom in tandem with high functionality and quality. With their quality workmanship and special design, KEUCO's fittings impressed her absolutely.

For the interior designer and her family, the bathroom is one of the most beautiful rooms in the house. This is where they spend valuable time, and greet and say farewell to the day: "The large window front causes boundaries in the garden and the nature beyond to seemingly dissolve, and the unique play of light and shadow produces a constant state of fluctuation in the bathroom setting."

With much attention to detail, a judicious balance of function and design, and a stylish selection of materials and products the interior designer Wiebke Rütters made her personal dream home come true.

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