KEUCO as an ingredient of a harmonious overall concept

"If you want something new, you must want it completely." - With this motto to guide them, Claudia and Jörg Bachmann completely renovated Hotel Arcadeon in Hagen, Westphalia. Constructed in 1998, a general overhaul of the building was carried out in 2016. The hotelier pair boldly reinvented the entire hotel, immortalising their unique style in the brick building. The work was accomplished through a highly successful collaboration with the designer Emell Gök Che, and no interior architect was engaged. The end result is a holistic concept that combines design, colour, light, music and atmosphere like no other hotel in the region.

The meticulous selection of products and materials is evident in every corner of the Arcadeon. Special combinations and unique, premium creations adorn each guest room, seminar room and bathroom, and add an entirely individual touch. The rooms were intended to contain an element of surprise, while still radiating authenticity; to be trendy and in sync with the times, but still full of comfort and appeal. That is why for Jörg Bachmann, who placed high value on local products and services in the renovations, there was only one logical choice when it came to selecting the fittings and accessories for the premium bathrooms: "Only KEUCO products harmonised with the modern and luxurious design."

In the showers of the 80 rooms and two suites, guests have the pleasure of using KEUCO's innovative IXMO fittings. The special thing about IXMO is that the minimalist design of the fittings combines multiple functions in the smallest of spaces. As such, guests are met with a clear and uncluttered picture in Arcadeon's showers. Particularly popular among hotel guests is the IXMO SOLO, the clever combination of single-lever mixer and shower hose in only one module. "Finally, a fitting that can be understood by every guest right away," acknowledges the hotelier.

Crowning the washbasins are EDITION 400 fittings, which stand out luxuriously with their slender and organic design. The filigree elegance is underscored by brilliant chrome finishes, whose high value is immediately apparent, adding a touch of style and aesthetics.

This holistic approach is continued in the accessories in the bathrooms' WCs. Discreetly elegant with a luxurious presence, KEUCO's EDITION 400 accessories set a special tone with their superb design and high-quality finishes.

Hotel Arcadeon calls itself a "house of science and further training" and is known in the business community in the region for its generous and exceptionally designed seminar rooms. With its rich offering, the hotel doesn't just attract overnight guests or seminar participants to its dining facilities. In actual fact, the hotel has established itself as "Hagen's living room” for guests from towns in the vicinity.

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