59554 Set IXMO_solo

59554 Set IXMO_solo

Product description

complete with:
Thermostatic mixer with wall outlet for shower hose,
rosette round (59554 010001) and installation unit
(59554 000170)


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Less can do more

Design awards

Thanks to the enormous variety of IXMO and IXMO SOLO fittings in all editions and series, the configuration options at the washbasin, shower and bathtub know no bounds.

  • german_innovation_award_winner_2019
  • iconic_awards_2017
  • if_design_award_2017
  • design_plus_award_20XX
  • german_design_award_special_2017
  • reddot_award_2016
  • german_design_award_nominee_2016
  • if_design_award_2016

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