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KEUCO mirror cabinets are the epitome of elegant understatement, but they still add an element of excitement to the bathroom. Only the highest quality materials are used in their production. And with KEUCO you can expect bodies of aluminium or anodized finishes, soft-close hinges, and modern lighting technology, too. Distinctive design features or intelligently partitioned interiors add the finishing touch to the various models.

The mirror cabinets are marvels of space, a glowing feast for the eyes, and they are arrayed with clever technology.

Discover the merits of KEUCO mirror cabinets and find the perfect model to best satisfy your preferences and needs.


With such concentrated design perfection, time in the bathroom becomes relative.

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High-end lighting solutions unite with top design

An illuminated LED rim on three sides turns the ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet into a positive highlight in the bathroom - whether as a classic on-wall mirror cabinet or unconventional semi-recessed model. The LED light radiating from within the translucent rim gives the mirror cabinet a lightweight appearance, as if it is hovering in front of the wall. The open shelf compartment ensures that frequently-used products are close at hand.

KEUCO sets new standards with intelligent lighting concepts and intuitive operation. Using the control panel, the LED lighting of the ROYAL LUMOS can be dimmed and the light colour adjusted in an infinite number of steps: From a daylight white light of 6500 K, ideal for daily care, to a warm-white light of 2700 K, ideal for a perfect evening make up or an atmospheric bathing ambience.

The ROYAL LUMOS also has three different light sources: The main lighting of the rim as well as compartment and washbasin lighting.

The premium interior features include mirrors on rear and side walls as well as various other practical details. The soft-close hinges ensure that the doors of the ROYAL LUMOS close extremely easily and softly. Available in six widths, from 650 to
1400 mm, the ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet unleashes individual design potential for bathrooms large and small.

ROYAL mirror cabinets

Here you will find further HIGH CLASS ROYAL MIRROR CABINETS.

Middle class mirror cabinets

Shining examples of the fact that expectations exist to be exceeded.


The KEUCO ROYAL L1 knows how to perform

When it comes to lighting, the choice is yours with the three modes of the ROYAL L1 mirror cabinet from KEUCO: For daily care needs, the complete illumination of the front across the entire width of the mirror cabinet with simultaneous, unobtrusive upward wall lighting is perfect. The pleasantly indirect washbasin lighting, which focuses only on the fitting, can act as a night-light for orientation or create the perfect lighting for a relaxing bath, for example. To light up the whole room, both lighting modes can be selected at once.

With the innovative rotary dimmer that KEUCO specially developed for its mirror cabinets, the light intensity can be dimmed to any setting. The dimmer can be found discreetly positioned and ready at hand on the underside of the mirror cabinet. A simple rotation and the desired brightness is set. The KEUCO rotary dimmer remembers the last mode and light intensity selected.

It will also convince you across the board with its interior strengths: Interior surfaces such as the rear wall, the illuminated profile, and the shaver socket, all have an anodized finish. With its height-adjustable glass shelves and anodized aluminium drawers, the clever arrangement of the interior provides generous space and convenient features to organise all your care products. Constructed with a limited number of materials, the mirror cabinet has a very harmonious overall appearance, like something fashioned entirely from a solitary object.

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Here you will find further MIDDLE CLASS ROYAL MIRROR CABINETS.


It is no small step from mirror cabinet to item of furniture.

Royal Match on-wall installation

Highlight on the wall

The intelligent lighting concept, individually organisable storage space and appealing design make ROYAL MATCH the universal mirror cabinet for every bathroom. The opulent design is accentuated by premium aluminium edging. With a modern and rectilinear design that harmonises with virtually any style, the ROYAL MATCH mirror cabinet is a visual treat in any bathroom. What is special about the LED lighting on the sides is that it can be dimmed to any level with an electronic sensor switch, and as an indirect source of light you can count on the
ROYAL MATCH to always create the right atmosphere.

The interior of the ROYAL MATCH mirror cabinet is quite impressive, too: an elegant rear glass wall, inward lighting once it is opened, and practical placement of electric sockets. With the central divider you can adjust the heights of the glass shelves differently on the left and right sides, to organise individually. Pivoting doors with mirrors on both sides also offer a generous all-round view.

Royal Match in-wall installation

Highlight in the wall

In addition to the classic on-wall model there is also now an elegant semi-recessed model. The semi-recessed model resembles a shallow mirror, protruding only 67 mm out from the wall. Behind it, generous storage space is concealed in the wall. And thanks to the shallow installation depth of only 82 mm, it is also suitable for thin drywall.

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A classic can experience no higher honour than an update: The new ROYAL REFLEX.2 mirror cabinet seizes on the uncompromising look of its predecessor and scores with innovative technology and new features. To achieve the most pleasant of lighting, the conventional lights had to make room for state-of-the-art LED technology. The LEDs emit a warm-white and particularly cosy light. In addition to front illumination across the entire width, the ROYAL REFLEX.2 mirror cabinet now has an additional light source: the washbasin lighting bathes the fitting in a particularly attractive glow. The 1300 mm double washbasin models have LED lights for two fittings.

And if that wasn't enough, KEUCO has even more in store: The KEUCO rotary dimmer has now replaced the rocker switch. Positioned on the underside of the body, it can be used to switch between three different lighting modes and also to dim the light intensity.

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Top of the line design

Slender design, premium chrome surfaces and warm LED light make KEUCO's ROYAL UNIVERSE mirror cabinet a distinctive solo in any bathroom.

A central feature of the design is the delicate light, which lends a contemporary look to the mirror cabinet's linear style. So the ROYAL UNIVERSE mirror cabinet can be combined with any kind of bathroom furniture and style. With its complete mirror surface it establishes a stylish ambience. As with every aluminium mirror cabinet from KEUCO, it is made of premium materials, with top notch quality and workmanship guaranteed. The brilliant light radiated by the LEDs illuminates the face uniformly and creates an atmospheric light in the room.

Behind pivoting doors with mirrors on both sides there is ample space for care and cosmetic utensils. At the same time they provide an excellent all-round view.


Multipurpose masterpiece

With the ROYAL 15 mirror cabinet, KEUCO combines innovative LED technology with configurable storage space. A striking design feature is the exquisite matte overhead lights made of light-conducting material in chrome-plated frames, which give the linear design of the mirror cabinet modern appeal.

With its three switchable modes, the pleasant warm-white light of the LEDs can produce the ideal lighting scenario for any occasion: The overhead LED lights with frontal room lighting and simultaneous indirect upward wall lighting illuminate the face uniformly with a pleasant glow, perfect for daily care use. The downward washbasin lighting is ideal as orientation light during the night or for creating a special atmosphere in the bathroom. Both lighting modes together illuminate the room brightly, and are sufficient alone to light up the entire room. With the intuitive operation of the KEUCO rotary dimmer on the underside of the mirror cabinet, the brightness in all three lighting scenarios can be adjusted to any level desired. A particularly practical feature of the KEUCO rotary dimmer is that it remembers the mode and light intensity last selected.

Ample space for care and cosmetic utensils can be found behind soft-close pivoting doors with mirrors on both sides. Height-adjustable glass shelves allow the interior to be adapted to personal needs. With a shaver socket on the inside, electrical devices can be charged even with the doors closed.




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