KEUCO bathroom furnishings unite the sensible with the sensuous.

The brand

"Aesthetics in the bathroom is our passion. We are always searching enthusiastically for new forms, new materials and new technologies. A search for the perfect synergy of the sensible and the sensuous."

Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director

KEUCO corporate film

Quality with tradition

Premium design, consistent concepts, meticulous craftsmanship, perfect functionality and peak longevity are what set KEUCO apart. KEUCO can look back on a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality products for the bathroom.

From left: Josef Himrich, Paul Keune, Hermann Bönner and Eduard Baron de Becker Remy

Since its founding in 1953, the company, which is still family-run today, has continuously expanded its range of products. Originally a specialist and market leader for premium bathroom accessories, today KEUCO views itself as a full provider of bathroom furnishings, with plants in Hemer, Gütersloh and Bünde in Germany. The full range encompasses a total of more than 6,000 different products in the categories of fittings, accessories, light and mirrors, mirror cabinets, washbasins and bathroom furniture. All KEUCO products are developed, designed, planned, and built in Germany and exported around the world from their headquarters in Hemer.
In 1953, Paul Keune, Hermann Bönner, Josef Himrich and Eduard Baron de Becker Remy founded "Paul Keune & Co. KG". From the trade name of Paul Keune & Co. KG today's name of KEUCO was created in 1984. The company is still owned today by the de Becker Remy, Himrich and König families. The principle shareholders are all family members of the company founders at that time.
Today, KEUCO is headed by the managing director Lubert Winnecken.



KEUCO products impress with excellent design, ease-of-use and technical sophistication. The goal of constant improvement is at the heart of every new development from the full provider of quality bathroom furnishings. Functional features that succeed in everyday use, such as the theft-proof toilet paper holder, extremely long-lasting LED light sources, or the IXMO fittings that combine multiple functions in the smallest of spaces, are characteristic of KEUCO in-house developments.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

Henry Ford



Since its founding in 1953, design and function have always played a decisive role. Products must combine aesthetic form with sensible functionality - a standard that is systematically applied, from the idea right to the product. Collaboration with designers is a long tradition at KEUCO. Already back in the 70s KEUCO worked with Luigi Colani and produced accessories, lights and mirrors for the famous "Colani bathroom", the first complete bathroom, which was developed in collaboration with Villeroy & Boch and Grohe. Further notable designers such as Matteo Thun, Christoph Ingenhoven, Reiner Moll and Dominik Tesseraux followed.

It is the synergy that exists between innovation, passionate employees, "Made in Germany" production, and notable designers that allows KEUCO today to produce complete bathroom furnishings of such unparalleled quality.

Together with Dominik Tesseraux, several EDITIONS and complete bathroom sets have already been produced, which unite all product groups in an integral design: fittings and accessories, light and mirror, mirror cabinets, bathroom furniture and washbasins. This integral thinking, aimed at creating compatible, opulently-formed solutions for everything related to the washbasin, is reflected in the KEUCO EDITIONS.

Many of KEUCO's innovative bathroom furnishing concepts and products are recipients of notable design awards, such as the Red Dot Award, the Design Plus Award, the German Design Award, the IF Design Award and the Iconic Award.


Made in Germany

More than 93% of KEUCO's products are manufactured in Germany. The know-how the domestic plants possess with their highly-skilled employees is the foundation of our consistently quality-oriented production. Roughly 5% of the products are produced in the EU and roughly 2% in non-EU countries. To be able to compete in the long term, all KEUCO products are subject to the same high quality standards and are produced according to our specifications, subject to the strictest of quality assurance measures and controls.

Aside from our successful mass produced products, our production facilities are also capable of manufacturing tailor-made solutions for larger/commercial projects.

Uncompromising quality never goes out of fashion

Important constants contributing to KEUCO's success include the contemporary, technically innovative products, the high standard of quality, a clear design orientation and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

KEUCO products are the result of intensive development work, the use of premium materials and meticulous workmanship. To achieve optimum results, we combine high-tech manufacturing with painstaking hand crafting. For some of the items hand crafting is indispensible. Particularly when it comes to grinding certain geometries. The impressive thing about KEUCO products is their immaculate surfaces, maximum longevity and perfect functionality. Each product is examined individually before being shipped out.
Today, KEUCO products are produced in Germany and sold worldwide. In Hemer they work with brass and zinc casting. The perfect chrome finishes of the fittings and accessories are produced in modern electroplating facilities.
Aluminium and mirrors are made into deluxe mirror cabinets in Gütersloh and KEUCO's expertise for bathroom furniture can be found in Bünde.

"To achieve the high quality we strive for daily, the most important factor is our employees. This is especially true against the backdrop of the many different materials we use - from wood to aluminium, zinc casting and brass, right through to ABS and glass. Paired with their willingness to always go a step further and adopt new technologies, the know-how of the employees regarding the various materials gives us the extra scope we need to focus on design. And that makes it possible to design unique products."
Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director KEUCO

For KEUCO, maintaining a partner-like relationship with suppliers, merchants and tradespeople is a matter of course. Dependability, fairness, continuity and considerate treatment of one another is the foundation on which KEUCO builds its sales.

Developing sustainable solutions for the bathroom is part of KEUCO's corporate philosophy. For the future's sake, the company works to preserve water and energy resources - with both its products as well as its production systems, such as a photovoltaic plant or the commissioning of a combined heating and power station. The timeless aesthetic design and the high quality also contribute to the continued relevance of KEUCO products in the future. To allow for this, KEUCO maintains an extensive spare parts management system. For KEUCO, sustainability also means developing products that are equally useful for people of all ages.

Corporate responsibility means a special commitment to the employees. With its extensive programme of vocational training and sports activities, KEUCO was ranked among the 100 best employers in Germany in 2007. The company is also active in regional and nationwide social projects. Activities here range from sponsorship of schools, kindergartens and sports clubs in the local vicinity to in-kind donations to public institutions for children and sick people in developing regions.

"We configure our processes so that they have as little impact on the environment as possible and conserve resources. We do this for the sake of coming generations." Engelbert Himrich, Managing Partner of KEUCO

Consisting of the KEUCO Design Forum and the KEUCO Technology Forum, the Centre of Excellence stimulates interest in bathrooms.
The Design Forum charms with bathrooms on display featuring sensuous aesthetics. Here, visitors can be inspired by KEUCO bathroom worlds, experience classic "Made in Germany" design at close quarters, and become acquainted with perfect functionality.
In the Technology Forum , merchants and tradespeople can explore the various stages of the involved production processes and the many technical details of KEUCO products and even put their own practical skills to the test.
"Give it a try - Do it yourself - Experience it" is the motto of the KEUCO Centre of Excellence. With that, KEUCO provides the space and the opportunity in person to intensively delve into a variety of topics related to its products.

POINTS of contact
In 1998 POINTS of contact was established: a communication initiative for architects. As inspirer and source of ideas, POINTS of contact - today a collaboration between FSB, Gira and KEUCO - is dedicated to topics relevant to architects. With an integral approach in the form of personal dialogues, events and publications, points of contact are specified and prepared in a way that promotes direct experience by architects.
The three companies - FSB, Gira and KEUCO - are united by their common interest in luxurious materials, pioneering concepts, sensuous surfaces and great affinity for architecture. The communication initiative for architects connects architecture with wider topics.

German Sanitary Industry Association (VDS)
The VDS is the umbrella association of German companies working in the bathroom and sanitary industry, with nine member associations from industry, specialised wholesale and specialised trades. In the public sphere, the VDS represents the common interests of its members, particularly through extensive PR and publicity work for the bathroom as a living space. , )
The industry event "Day of the Bathroom" was initiated by the VDS. With a central motto of everything to do with the bathroom, measures with a focus on publicity take place with the support of bathroom ambassador Franziska van Almsick.

German mechanical and plant engineering association (VDMA)
The VDMA primarily represents medium-size enterprises of the capital goods industry, which makes it the largest industry association in Europe. The association represents common economic, technical and scientific interests of the mechanical engineering industry, particularly vis-a-vis national and international authorities and business circles. In the framework of this representation of interests the members have a claim to information, advice and assistance.

Blue Responsibility - An initiative of the VDMA
With the " Blue Responsibility " title, the German sanitary industry offers information about all facets related to sustainable sanitary solutions. KEUCO's participation in "Blue Responsibility" is an expression of a common understanding of our sense of responsibility for how we use natural resources.

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