Challenging the status quo with technically and visibly improved solutions: This is the aim of KEUCO's product design. It succeeds with IXMO because of a consistently applied basic principle: Functionality is intelligently combined to produce a design of utmost minimalism.

Discover fittings solutions that are an exemplary reconciliation of aesthetic design and sensible functionality.

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"Merging together the different functions was an exciting challenge. Every day we had new ideas. That is how we created the right conditions for a completely unique design approach."

Dominik Tesseraux


Each IXMO solution is based on a thermostat or a single-lever mixer. Multifunctional modules are then added depending on need. Because these perform several tasks simultaneously, the number of visible parts on the wall can be reduced, until with the IXMO_solo shower fitting, only one single part remains. All that is needed for a complete shower solution is one single fitting element on the wall:

Fitting, single-lever mixer and hose connection uniquely combined.



The IXMO concept enlarges scope for maximum design freedom. With the IXMO modules in their small and uniform dimensions, a variety of impressive installation types can be realised. All visible parts project exactly 80 mm out from the wall (IXMO_solo: 90 mm), producing a coherent big picture.

The minimalist elegance of IXMO is complemented by the slender decor discs. Because they are available as either round or square model, IXMO can be combined with any other KEUCO line.


Only when one challenges the self-evident can one create something really new.

The less-can-do-more principle


In this example, only two modules combine the thermostat, stop and diverter valve, hose connection and hand shower bracket.



IXMO permits very individual configurations on the wall. This allows optimal placement of the modules:

3-way diverter valve with hose connection, hand shower bracket, thermostat and stop valve.

2-way diverter valve with hose connection, hand shower bracket and single-lever mixer.

1-way installation with single-lever mixer and hose connection.

"Effective immediately, discerning customers only need one single fitting element on the wall for a complete shower solution. This minimalistic approach sets new standards in bathroom design."

Hartmut Dalheimer
Black Concept Shower fittings

Dress to impress

Perfectly tuned: The velvety matt BLACK CONCEPT lacquer surface with a slight metallic shimmer stringently enhances the exclusive special edition of the minimalist IXMO shower fittings.


A little sensation

The new IXMO_solo thermostat compresses the shut-off valve, thermostat and hose connection in a unique way, thus reducing the number of visible parts on the wall.

Christopher Althoff, Product Manager, presents KEUCO's IXMO_solo thermostatic mixer at ISH 2019

Discover in this YouTube playlist videos for the convenient assembly of our products - by gluing instead of drilling.

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Perfection is achieved when meaningfulness touches the senses.

Bathtub mixer


Thanks to the clarity of the uniform design and the multifunctional modules, IXMO celebrates timeless understatement in the bathtub too. Hose
connection and hand shower bracket are intelligently integrated in the 2-way diverter valve. Projecting out from the wall 152 mm and with the round or square decor disc options, the separately mounted bath spout is a perfect addition to the ensemble. A minimalism that captivates every day anew.

Bathtub mixer with single-lever mixer


Even if you would like to combine a spout system with a single-lever mixer on your bathtub, thanks to a reduction to only a few multifunctional modules, IXMO always provides for a geometrically stimulating appearance of clarity around the bathtub. With their lightweight form and clear linearity, the modules harmonise happily with a variety of furnishing styles.


If it works impressively in the shower, it will be perfect for the washbasin, too.

Washbasin fitting


The compressed IXMO principle has been carried over to an integrated washbasin fitting. When the wall spout and the single-lever mixer are combined in only one fitting element, as shown here, it can't help but benefit planning freedom.

The in-wall fitting comes with either round or square decor disc and in three different projections from the wall, and lends a refined, tidy feel to the wash area.



Design and functionality are attuned with one another even in the new, extravagant metallic finishes for the IXMO fittings: The special
PVD production method produces breathtaking colours with an intensive deep lustre and an extremely durable surface with a very high degree of hardness. These design pieces are available in the three colours of bronze, nickel and black chrome - each in matte brushed or polished lustre.

Installation intelligence

Nothing is as difficult as making complexity seem simple.

Stepless depth compensation


To make work easier for the professional installer, an installation depth of anywhere from 80 to 110 mm can be achieved for showers and bathtubs with the help of the IXMO fittings' intelligent depth compensation feature. The projection distance from the wall is always exactly 80 mm. For IXMO_solo, the depth compensation feature can be flexibly set to anywhere from 65 mm to 95 mm - perfect for thin walls. The projection distance is exactly 90 mm. For the washbasin fitting, the depth compensation feature is variable from 70 mm to 100 mm. Available to choose from are three projections of 187, 219 and 265 mm.

thermostat technology

Less installation effort

The IXMO_solo thermostat convinces with small and uniform dimensions. The fixed projection in front of the wall is exactly 100 mm. The diameter or edge length of the optionally round or square rosettes is also 90 mm.

The flush-mounted unit can be easily installed in thin walls or during retrofitting. Thanks to intelligent depth compensation, the installation depth can be infinitely adjusted from 65 to 95 mm.

Learn more technical details in the IXMO World


Intelligent installation details

For KEUCO, good design also already takes into account the installation of the modules. Intelligent details transform the installation process into an easy exercise in any room conditions. In cases where the water lines are swapped in the bathroom, no additional adapter need be acquired. Because IXMO thermostats have an integrated solution, where the components can be simply swapped in the base unit.

A special mounting rail makes precise alignment of the fittings easier. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The installation units can be shifted to any position on the rail and fixed in place with the screws.

IXMO assembly film


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