To achieve highest quality lighting in the whole bathroom KEUCO relies on excellent LED lighting technology in combination with the established DALI system (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). DALI is a standard for the convenient control of lighting and any other integrated components in enclosed spaces. This standardised system makes it possible to control ROYAL MIDAS lights and all DALI-capable KEUCO mirror cabinets, light mirrors and cosmetic mirrors. Systematic networking of all the components results in a consistently harmonious, uniform light temperature and colour.

    Lighting scenes which stimulate the senses: The integral lighting concept opens up new ways to collectively control individual components. Personalised lighting scenes can be created to adapt the entire atmosphere of the bathroom to different moods.


    Let your bathroom shine

    From time immemorial, natural daily rhythm has been determined by light and darkness. Light and brightness also determine the extent to which we feel good in the bathroom and have an enormous influence on our wellbeing and mood. This property of light can be put to particularly good use in the bathroom to achieve a variety of effects. KEUCO possesses years of expertise in the use of light. With their concentration on the essentials, with the light sources of ELEGANCE accessories and the diverse lighting solutions of the PLAN series, you can conjure up genuine grandeur in your bathroom.


    Sensibly sensuous

    Wake-up light for showering, work-light for make up, muted light for wellness: Good bathroom lighting offers multipurpose variable dimmability. Once the lighting ambience in the bathroom is perfect (brightness and colour temperature), not only are the visibility conditions ideal, but the overall atmosphere is that much more enjoyable. The durable and elegant LED solutions provide for a harmonious overall picture.

    DALI technology

    Light in the bathroom

    DALI (DT8) is a standardised, globally distributed interface protocol for lighting control in rooms.

    Various devices such as e.g. KEUCO mirror cabinets, illuminated mirrors, make-up mirrors, shower lights, ceiling-mounted lights and downlights lend themselves to this switch on and off, dim and change in the color temperature.

    DALI controlled KEUCO lighting products have 5-core connection cables and special software and can thus easily integrate with DALI systems

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    KEUCO products are much more convincing if you experience them live. Find specific bathroom showrooms in your area that carry the products you are looking for.

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