The fully thought-out lighting concept opens up possibilities for experiencing the bathroom with all your senses and enjoying the feel-good atmosphere. Bright room in the morning, atmospheric atmosphere in the evening. The combination of basic lighting, focussing lighting and accentuating lighting creates atmospheric worlds that focus on people and their needs.

Dirk Hagedorn, Head of Marketing and Product Development, presents KEUCO's ROYAL MIDAS lighting concept at ISH 2019

ROYAL MIDAS Lichtinszenierung

light scenes

More well-being

Bright room in the morning, cosy atmosphere for bathing in the evening: the special feature of ROYAL MIDAS is the uniform colour temperature of the LEDs on the mirror cabinet, light and cosmetic mirrors and the lighting on the ceiling.

"In a unique combination of technical sophistication, functionality and sophisticated design, KEUCO revolutionises the subject of lighting design in the bathroom."

Dirk Hagedorn, Head of Marketing and Product Development
basic lighting

Homogeneous light surfaces

The round ceiling mounted lights have a large, homogeneous light area and are used for general lighting. The uniform light that is dispersed downwards illuminates the entire room, softly and glare-free.

light production

accent lighting

Accentuating, directed light stages the space by emphasising the structure of walls, niches and furniture. The value of the bathroom fittings is underlined and a sensual atmosphere is created.

lighting equipment


An atmospheric light production focuses on relaxation and well-being.

Made of powder-coated aluminium in a neutral design language, the ROYAL MIDAS surface-mounted luminaires fit into any bathroom. The white surface blends harmoniously into the bathroom design.

KEUCO not only offers various installation variants such as surface-mounted and flush-mounted, but also uses two exchangeable optical lenses to realise options for wide or narrow beam light guidance.

The surface luminaires provide light for seeing in two versions of different sizes. Activating light in the morning gets the organism going, an evening light scene with subdued, warm white light sets signals for relaxation.

A highlight and motivator is the light shower as a combination of ceiling lamp and integrated, large head shower. It turns showering into a unique staging of the elements water and light.

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