As one of the most comprehensive bathroom furnishing concepts in the world, PLAN is as versatile as today's lifestyles. With the enormous depth and breadth of the range, numerous individual solutions are possible.

As recipient of numerous design awards, PLAN is at home in stylish bathrooms around the world, whether it is private homes, the hotel industry or public facilities. It is no wonder, too: With its clear contours, the appeal of its timeless design transcends traditional boundaries - and it will spark your interest, too.

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Collection PLAN


The best way to express your own style is to be forthright about it.



The integral architectural approach of the PLAN bathroom furniture series is evident in every detail. Discreet linearity characterises the bathroom furniture, washbasins and light mirrors. From the body to the glass fronts, the light mirrors and even the slender base support, the design and colour concept developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam is omnipresent. Available in the colours of truffle, cashmere and stainless steel or in white or anthracite, each piece of furniture is uncompromisingly modern.



The impressive thing about PLAN ceramic washbasins is the soft, flowing shape of their shallow design. Being the extremely easy-to-care-for material that it is, fine ceramic stoneware satisfies the highest standards of durability and hygiene. Depending on the choice of width from 500 to 1200 mm, single or double washbasins are available with ample space for a variety of fittings.



Aesthetic contrast is the life-blood of the new PLAN furniture. Mounted on the wall, the furniture exudes presence, but still emanates a certain calm and lightness. With their tone-in-tone look and the handleless glass finish, they are an embodiment of current trends. Combined with the optional filigree metal support, the furniture makes a strong statement in the room.

Washbasin and washbasin vanity unit Guests WC

Stringent down to the smallest detail

Straight bathroom furniture and washbasins unobtrusively spin the architectural red thread into the guest bathroom. Available in a choice of truffle, cashmere and stainless steel or classic white and anthracite, each piece of furniture with flat washbasins is an unmistakable statement of hospitality.



The remarkable design of PLAN bathroom furniture is augmented by intelligent functionality in the details. The high vanity unit comes with an unexpected additional interior drawer. The tidy arrangement inside allows direct access to your care articles and is tailored practically to your needs.



The integral PLAN bathroom furnishing concept also includes sideboards and tall units. Here, the sensible pairs up with the sensuous. The body is available in five contemporary colours. The premium glass fronts have a lustred lacquer coating on the back. The glass has a matte satin finish only on the stainless steel model.



The PLAN sideboards cut a good figure too - with cubic body, premium lacquer finish and an optional base support in colours that match perfectly. In four widths ranging from 650 to 1200 they create a particularly special atmosphere - regardless the size of the bathroom.



The tall unit comes with classic front door and also as a version with a shelf integrated in the side. Indiscernible from the front, the cabinet offers abundant space for your daily bathroom utensils. Available with or without metal support.

PLAN washbasins & bathroom furniture

Here you will find PLAN products from the washbasin and bathroom furniture categories.


Reassured in the knowledge that every bathroom is designed in stylish perfection.



PLAN blue fittings not only shine in terms of their impeccable surfaces and uncompromising functionality, but also with a consistently implemented sustainability concept. The PLAN blue fittings series is imbued with a timeless and enduring language of form. That makes it perfect for universal use, allowing it to be combined with a variety of furnishing styles. Brilliant chrome surfaces accentuate with great effect the meticulous precision of the workmanship.

With this luxurious matte aluminium finish with a velvety feel, yet another surface is added to the extensive PLAN blue range of fittings. Premium aluminium finishes are particularly known for their resilience - against fingerprints and water droplets, for example - making them very easy to look after. These special properties are especially beneficial in a private bathroom, but also for use in public and semi-public areas.

PLAN blue fittings help save water and energy - for example the flow rate limiter in the washbasin fitting which limits to six litres per minute.

The PLAN blue fitting with swivelling spout is another fitting that is perfectly suited for both private as well as commercial use. As a single-lever mixer or pillar tap, the slender precision design doesn't fail to impress.

PLAN S washbasin


With the new PLAN S fittings concept, a modern interpretation of the PLAN design is finding its home in the world's bathrooms. As eye-catchers with dynamic appeal, the fittings are perfect for private or commercial use. The flow of running water can be seen imitated in the shape of the single-lever mixer's angled spout.

The single-lever washbasin mixer, which was developed specially for the Varicor washbasin, is an eye-catcher in every respect. It stands confidently alone, raised on a small base in the washbasin.

A visual and functional highlight is the in-wall single-lever washbasin mixer: the wall spout and control lever are combined in only one element - intelligent installation included. Thanks to the extremely shallow installation unit and the in-wall depth compensation options.

PLAN fittings

Here you will find PLAN products from the fittings area.


Something new only makes sense if it is better.



PLAN series' accessories are popular worldwide and have proven their worth a million times over. In hotels, public buildings and private bathrooms. By constantly talking with architects, planners and installers, we are still discovering new places where a demand exists for aesthetic and useful solutions.

The different surfaces available augment the diversity of the PLAN range even more.
Available to choose from are chrome, aluminium and stainless steel.



Clearly defined forms and intelligent functionality merge impressively in the washbasin accessories. Aside from the proven classics such as soap dish, tumbler holder and shelf, PLAN also offers a lotion dispenser with practical single-handed operation and a cup for easy filling.

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Hans Georg Hagleitner, Managing Director of Hagleitner in Austria, presents the cooperation with KEUCO and the new hygiene foam dispensers from PLAN at ISH 2019.

foam dispenser

Comfortable cleanliness

Non-contact hygiene thanks to infrared sensor supports the technically at the highest level located foam soap dispenser for use in private or semi-public areas. By consistently avoiding corners, the hygiene solution is as attractive as it is practical and easy to clean.

Towel solutions


Innovative, elegant and uncompromising in quality: PLAN towel solutions will persuade you with their aesthetic as well as functional features. The classic range consisting of two-armed towel holder, towel hook, and towel ring is rounded off with a one-armed towel holder with solid construction.



How much design and functionality can be incorporated in accessories? More than is apparent - at least with the new PLAN shower shelf. Because a glass squeegee is integrated practically invisibly in the design. Like all PLAN accessories, the shower shelf in dark grey, light grey or white is available in brilliant chrome, matte aluminium and premium stainless steel, optionally also without the glass squeegee.



PLAN accessories are at home the world over, offering a reassuring amount of intelligent functionality everywhere they are found. The 5-litre PLAN cosmetic waste bin finally solves the problem of that unsightly bit of bin liner that always remains visible. Because, cleverly and elegantly, an exterior jacket in chrome, stainless steel, aluminium or white is slipped over the inner bin and liner. So from the outside the bin liner is always hidden from view.

Specially developed for commercial use, the double toilet paper holder with roll brake integrates itself seamlessly into PLAN tradition. And anyone who values comfort will appreciate the moist tissue box with sealing ring, which allows it to be closed airtight.

hygiene foam dispenser

This is what hygiene looks like

Health care and hygiene go hand in hand: the hygiene foam dispenser is used to produce moist toilet paper and provides a completely new feeling of cleanliness in everyday life.



Thanks to its timeless design and durable quality, PLAN is predestined for use as furnishings in upscale hotels. The luxurious towel rack made of safety glass offers sufficient space for the shower towels of hotel guests.

KEUCO has added the PLAN hair dryer as a special addition to the hotel accessories range of the series. Among its premium features is its ion technology for faster results and more gentle treatment of the hair. Another feature of the PLAN hair dryer is its strong heating and blowing performance at a low noise level.

Public buildings


In public buildings special attention is paid to robust quality along with classic design. That is why planners and installers often use PLAN here. Hygienic comfort and an impeccable appearance unite paper towel dispenser and lotion dispenser as a wall-mounted model.

Disinfection foam dispenser

Security in semi-public space

Hygiene is an essential factor in hospitals, hotel lobbies, spas, medical practices and in many other locations where disinfectant foam dispensers are used. KEUCO has developed a complete hygiene solution which convinces with reliability, quality and many practical details and saves time and costs efficiently.

Disinfectant dispenser stand model

Combination of hygiene and design

The touch-free KEUCO PLAN disinfectant dispenser for disinfection foam or liquid disinfectant is available as a practical stand model with battery or mains operation.

It can be used wherever hygiene is paramount and is ideal for all heavily frequented areas.


Pure design

With the disinfectant dispenser in either chrome or aluminium silver anodized finish, KEUCO expands the range for the commercial area. It can be operated intuitively with a mechanical lever. Optionally, a drip tray can also be mounted. The dispenser is designed for various standard European 0.5 l bottles. Stylish hygiene in the public sphere.

Hygiene & Disinfection

You can find more products here



Whether in aesthetics or in ergonomics, PLAN leaves nothing to be desired: matching PLAN, a large range of accessible products is available to choose from here, in the accustomed epic-classic design. Learn more now

PLAN accessories

Here you will find PLAN products from the accessories area.


There is only one thing a PLAN mirror can make more beautiful: your face.

Intelligent lighting concept and intuitive operation

The light intensity and light colour can be adjusted via the sensor control: The LED illumination of the PLAN light mirror can be dimmed via the control panel and the light colour can be infinitely adjusted: from daylight white light with 6,500 Kelvin for ideal, everyday care, to warm white light with 2,700 Kelvin, ideal for perfect evening make-up or an atmospheric bathroom ambience. The practical mirror heating ensures a fog-free appearance after showering. After twenty minutes the heating switches itself off again.

  • Heating
  • Light colour warm white
    Light colour warm white
  • Light colour daylight white
    Light colour daylight white
  • Wash basin lighting (bottom)
    Wash basin lighting (bottom)
  • Main lighting (top)
    Main lighting (top)
  • On / Off
    On / Off

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PLAN Light mirror



Like all KEUCO products, the crystal and light mirrors from PLAN feature both an aesthetic as well as a practical component.

The PLAN LED light mirror presents itself framed like a picture. The surrounding frame made of luxurious silver anodized aluminium doubles as practical shelf. On top of that it offers two separately switchable and dimmable light sources: a main light consisting of upper and wall lighting, and a washbasin light. When it is switched on again the intelligent electronics remember the most recent lighting scenario. Both light sources can be controlled using the attractive sensor electronics specially developed by KEUCO for this.

The control unit is integrated in the slender rim and offers very intuitive operation. The light colour can be varied and the washbasin and main lighting can be switched on or off and dimmed separately. The next time it is switched on again the intelligent electronics remember the most recent lighting scenario. A practical mirror demister is available as option.

Crystal mirror


With its 22 x 80 cm dimensions the PLAN crystal mirror is a very slender item on the wall.
Its edge is finished with a tasteful 3 cm bevel.

Cosmetic mirrors


For those who always like to see exactly what is going on, the wall-mounted cosmetic mirror from PLAN is the number one choice. With its swivelling arm and the ability to adjust it in three dimensions you can position it any way you like.

Wall light


The PLAN wall light effortlessly masters the challenge of incorporating the central design element of the series. In its concise cylindrical form it serves as tasteful design object and pleasant source of light.

PLAN assortment

Here you will find all PLAN products.

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