Bathroom furnishings

Focus on hygiene and design

KEUCO is committed to developing, designing and producing products for the bathroom that make daily living more convenient, but still meet the highest quality standards. The demands on bathroom furnishings are especially high when it comes to everyday hygiene. Discover stylish solutions for your home, the office or public facilities.

At the washbasin


Lotion dispenser

For multi-purpose use and rich in variety

The lotion dispenser with a chrome, stainless steel or aluminium finish is the perfect match for any washbasin. With a capacity of one litre it is the perfect accessory in the building. A quantity of approx. 0.5 ml is dispensed per stroke. Its straightforward appearance makes it the ideal choice as a furnishing element for any modern bathroom design in semi-public and public spaces.

Lotion dispensers and soap dishes

Liquid, foam or solid?

Aside from its effectiveness, convenience of use and fragrance, there is a further preference that plays an important role with soap – liquid or solid. The KEUCO assortment offers a variety of designs and styles for storing soaps. Rectangular or round, wall-mounted or free-standing: Discover the best and most beautiful solutions for you in our accessories area .

Paper towel dispenser and waste bin

Perfect for your building

In public buildings, special importance is placed on durable quality combined with timeless design. That is why planners and installers often choose KEUCO. Hygienic comfort and a flawless finish are offered by the paper towel dispenser in combination with the matching waste bin.

Numerous models are available in the the KEUCO assortment: with either recessed or wall-mounted designs.

Sensor fitting

The best choice for public facilities

ELEGANCE fittings make an impact with their expressive design – a classic-modern look, but with their own unique profile. Not just beautiful, but clever, too: Thanks to the fittings’ sensor, the water for hand-washing runs contact-free. A very hygienic solution, especially for public areas where large numbers of people meet.

Foam soap dispenser

A clean solution for the washbasin

Hold your hands under it for a perfect dose of foam soap: The sensor detects the movement and dispenses the preset amount. With its gentle ingredients the high-yield foam soap from the hygiene specialist Hagleitner which the dispenser supplies is suitable even for sensitive skin. The attractive design of the dispenser is at home in any setting. In addition to the chrome-plated model, it is also available with an aluminium or stainless steel finish.

Refill packs for the foam soap can be ordered here.

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Hans Georg Hagleitner, managing director of Hagleitner in Austria, presents the collaboration with KEUCO and the new PLAN foam soap dispenser at the ISH 2019



Hygiene foam dispenser

Environmentally friendly cleanliness

The hygiene foam dispenser is used to produce moist toilet paper, offering a completely new feeling of everyday cleanliness. Ingredients such as aloe vera to sooth the skin make the hygiene foam very pleasant to use. KEUCO collaborates with the hygiene specialist Hagleitner. Another benefit: It can be thrown into the toilet without any concerns. It comes in a chrome-plated, aluminium or stainless steel finish to match other KEUCO accessories related to the WC.

Refill packs for the foam soap can be ordered here.

Waste bin

The everyday hero in the bathroom

The 5 litre PLAN cosmetic waste bin is a solution that is both clever and smart: Surrounding the inner bin and bin liner is an outer casing in chrome, stainless steel, aluminium or white. This way the bin liner is always hidden from view. The cosmetic waste bin can be conveniently operated via a separate cover. Moreover, a slip-resistant base makes it particularly stable.


Clever and smart

KEUCO is known for accessories with a pronounced design that make day-to-day living a little easier. Even everyday products related to the WC are transformed into stylish eye-catchers, tastefully adding the finishing touch to premium bathroom design. Explore the huge variety of accessories KEUCO has to offer for the WC here .

Find bathroom showroom

KEUCO products are much more convincing if you experience them live. Find specific bathroom showrooms in your area that carry the products you are looking for.

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