Hygiene agent dispenser

Disinfecting the stylish way with KEUCO

Everyday hygiene is is an important part of staying healthy. Hand hygiene is important everywhere that large numbers of people meet and touch same door handles or objects. Rule number one: frequent hand-washing. For those who want additional protection, there are disinfectants. It is also ideal for occasional hand-hygiene needs. Satisfy clinical standards, but without the clinical look? Whether wall-mounted or free-standing, with electronic or manual operation, at home or in public areas, KEUCO’s hygiene agent dispensers combine the premium design you have come to expect with state-of-the-art hygiene convenience.

Manual dispensers

Hand-hygiene with a touch of design

Disinfectant dispenser for home or work

The attractive manually-operated disinfectant dispenser from KEUCO combines fine design with optimal dosing technology – for everyday hand disinfection at home or at work. As a free-standing model in matt black or as wall-mounted model with completely chrome-plated finish the universal disinfectant dispenser is the perfect match for private homes and offices that place value in stylish surroundings. With a capacity of 250 ml and dosage of 0.5 ml per stroke, it is suitable for commercially available liquid disinfectants and disinfectant gels.

Disinfectant dispenser, wall-mounted model


Clear mode of operation, clinically suitable effectiveness: The disinfectant dispenser for liquid disinfectant is perfect for hospitals and health facilities. It can be operated intuitively with a mechanical lever. Optionally, a drip tray can also be mounted. The dispenser is designed for various standard European 0.5 l bottles. The contents and the fill level of the disinfectant can be quickly ascertained in the front viewing window. The disinfectant can be replaced simply by removing the housing, which is available in a chrome-plated or aluminium finish.

Non-contact dispenser

Disinfectant dispenser, free-standing model

Hygiene and design combined

The contact-free KEUCO PLAN disinfectant dispenser for disinfectant foam or liquid disinfectant is available as a practical free-standing model with battery or mains operation. It can be used everywhere where hygiene is a top priority, and is ideal for high-traffic areas. The sensor detects when a hand is held under it and dispenses the preset amount. Available in aluminium anthracite or aluminium silver anodized/anthracite, the workmanship is excellent and it is very stable.

Disinfectant dispenser, wall-mounted model

Convenient hand-hygiene

Ideal for all high-traffic areas: Thanks to its infrared sensor, the PLAN wall-mounted disinfectant dispenser can be used contact-free, so it is perfect for use in semi-public and public areas. It is filled with vacuum bags of disinfectant foam or liquid disinfectant. In addition to a chrome-plated finish, it is also available in an aluminium or stainless steel finish, so it fits perfectly in its surroundings.



For the electronic pump system and the matching vacuum bags with disinfectant foam or liquid disinfectant KEUCO collaborates with the established Austrian hygiene specialist Hagleitner. Hagleitner is one of the leading companies in Europe for innovative hygiene solutions. The disinfectants are state-of-the-art and effective, but still gentle on the skin.

You can order refill bags for disinfectant foam and liquid agents here .

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Hans Georg Hagleitner, managing director of the Hagleitner firm in Austria, presents the collaboration with KEUCO and the new PLAN foam soap dispenser at the ISH 2019

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