KEUCO mirrors and lights always immerse you in the perfect light in the bathroom - without dazzling the eyes. Our carefully planned arrangements create the right atmosphere for every setting: one of wellbeing.

    Our light mirrors conform to the latest technical standards for lighting arrangements and ease-of-use in the bathroom. A large selection of crystal mirrors from KEUCO is available to match the various editions, but also independent of any series. Either with or without illumination, KEUCO cosmetic mirrors are a functional means to an end: your beauty.


    Modern design demands diversity

    The one thing anyone planning to modernise or build a bathroom is looking for is to satisfy the search for comfort and aesthetics in the best way possible. Along with this, for the ultimate in flexibility there needs to be a broad selection to choose from. PLAN is our integral bathroom furnishing series whose design concept includes everything from elegant crystal mirrors, light mirrors with controlled light colours or variable dimmability, to a practical mirror heater.


    Sensibly sensuous

    Wake-up light for showering, work-light for make up, muted light for wellness: Good bathroom lighting offers multipurpose variable dimmability. Once the lighting ambience in the bathroom is perfect (brightness and colour temperature), not only are the visibility conditions ideal, but the overall atmosphere is that much more enjoyable. The durable and elegant LED solutions contained in KEUCO light mirrors provide for a harmonious overall picture. And they also ensure that every glance in the mirror is an exceptional experience. The timeless beauty and technical functionality make the light mirrors a sensible and sensuous part of your bathroom.


    Harmonious variability

    With visually unobtrusive and intelligent sensor controls, the light can be dimmed and the light colour adjusted to any level: From bright-white daylight for the ideal, day-to-day beauty care, right through to a warm-white light, ideal for the perfect evening make up or an atmospheric bathing ambience. Glare-free and long-lasting in every lighting scenario, the LED lighting also saves energy and is maintenance free.

    Sensible comfort

    Too beautiful to be hidden away

    Unobstructed view instead of a fogged mirror after a shower? Nothing could be simpler: Refined technology and the highest in user comfort can be found concealed in the slender mirror design. KEUCO light mirrors from the EDITION 400 series have an innovative, sensor-controlled mirror heater. It provides for fog-free visibility. An innovation that is both practical as well as intelligent, because after twenty minutes the heater shuts itself off automatically.

    Individual solutions

    Quality reflected in the details

    More and more the bathroom is becoming a place of calm and relaxation. Aside from purely functional requirements, the atmosphere is playing an increasingly important role. The choice and combination of natural materials, finishes and colours is becoming more crucial. In the construction of its crystal mirrors, KEUCO is supplying answers to this evolution. With its enduring value the material is rightly regarded as extremely corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain and long lasting. A large selection of the best quality: KEUCO crystal mirrors are available to match the various editions or independent of any series.

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