Installation intelligence

Nothing is as difficult as making complexity seem simple.

Convenient installation meets precision

More intelligent installation.

IXMO integrates numerous innovative features to ensure easy and reliable installation. Included, for example, are new features for precise alignment of the fittings, the integrated mechanism for swapped water lines for the thermostat, and the intelligent depth compensator for projection in front of the wall.

Stepless depth compensation


To make work easier for the professional installer, an installation depth of anywhere from 80 to 110 mm can be achieved for showers and bathtubs with the help of the IXMO fittings' intelligent depth compensation feature. The projection distance from the wall is always exactly 80 mm.

For the washbasin fitting, the depth compensation feature is variable from 70 mm to 100 mm. Available to choose from are three projections of 187, 219 and 265 mm.


Intelligent installation details

For KEUCO, good design also already takes into account the installation of the modules. Intelligent details transform the installation process into an easy exercise in any room conditions. In cases where the water lines are swapped in the bathroom, no additional adapter need be acquired. Because IXMO thermostats have an integrated solution, where the components can be simply swapped in the base unit.

A special mounting rail makes precise alignment of the fittings easier. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The installation units can be shifted to any position on the rail and fixed in place with the screws.

Step by Step

IXMO Assembly films

IXMO assembly film for single lever mixer

IXMO assembly film for thermostatic mixer

IXMO assembly film for 2 way diverter valve

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