About KEUCO fittings

    Excellent design and durability

    Fittings play a decisive role in every bathroom. Every day they must perform their function and demonstrate their durability anew. From the first moment onwards, and for many years after, the timeless design of their exquisite form must be a source of delight. With its many innovations and diversity of design, this has been KEUCO's exacting standard for years. Our fittings find their homes in countless dream bathrooms and are unparalleled on the international market. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of KEUCO fittings for washbasins, showers, bathtubs or bidets.


    Relish the design freedom

    Diversity reigns in modern bathrooms. To supply design solutions in a variety that addresses the host of architectural approaches, we offer a virtually inexhaustible diversity of possibilities. This is amply demonstrated by the PLAN BLUE and PLAN S single-lever washbasin mixers, which are available with spout heights ranging from 70 mm to 210 mm for washbasins of all kinds. The range of washbasin fittings also includes pillar taps, single-lever mixers with swivelling spouts, wall-mounted fittings, and washbasin fittings with IR sensors.



    You can rest assured: for bathtubs we offer many models of fittings with an enormous variety of looks in numerous editions and series.

    In EDITION 400 alone there are five different options for baths, with a single-lever bathtub mixer, a separate bath spout, two bath-rim fittings and one free-standing bathtub mixer. That is what diversity looks like.


    Excellent technology, distinguished design

    KEUCO is one of the world's leading bathroom outfitters. Along with quality and functionality, design is our first priority. Each of our fittings is based on our own design concept. We develop this concept with notable designers. Our solutions not only convince discerning customers, but juries of design awards too.

    Such as the EDITION 11 fittings, for example, which were distinguished with the Plus X Award in 2011.

    Or the fittings of EDITION 400 , which even won four of the most renowned design awards in 2015. Discover distinguished design in your bathroom for yourself.


    Less can do more

    A solution only satisfies our expectations when no more superfluous features can be done without, but it still provides full functionality. In the case of the IXMO concept, developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency in Potsdam, we don't merely build on a trend, we also question the standard. Because with IXMO SOLO , just one single water-conducting element on the wall is sufficient for a complete shower solution.


    Design speaks for itself

    For many customers, free-standing bathtubs are a dream come true. But to complete a genuine statement in contemporary design, often all that is lacking is the matching fitting. We fill this gap with the free-standing bathtub mixer from EDITION 400 , which reiterates the edition's sculptural design language. The bathtub mixer with separate hand shower and practical glass shelf stands alone and is the perfect match for a variety of bathtubs.


    Functionality knows no bounds

    Design options in the bathroom have diversified. Solutions are called for to satisfy personal taste or special needs. Thankfully, diversity is one of the touchstones of good and functional design. For KEUCO at least. Because we like to think ahead - and go beyond the bounds of the existing standard. This is how a 3-hole fitting is produced like that of EDITION 11 . Because, once you have set the desired temperature, by pulling it up, the handle can be rotated back to its initial position in such a way that the temperature setting is retained.



    Beauty alone is no longer enough today. That is why over the years we continue to develop proven solutions. For example, this is how the classic PLAN for private and commercial use became PLAN BLUE. At first glance, a successful design overhaul. But at second glance, a sensible and eminently sustainable innovation.

    With its systematically implemented sustainability concept, PLAN BLUE helps conserve water and energy. With a flow rate limiter that limits to six litres per minute, the PLAN BLUE washbasin fitting bears the WELL (water efficiency) label. And quite rightly, too.

    Installation intelligence

    Brilliant both on and in the wall

    Hidden behind the visually impressive and minimalistic IXMO in-wall fittings there is a maximum in installation intelligence. When "Design made in Potsdam" and "Functionality made in Germany" meet, the result is something colossal. Or, to be more precise, something amazingly small - like the IXMO functional in-wall unit. In the smallest of spaces this masterpiece of German engineering combines all the functionality necessary for effortless use. And, thanks to its small installation depth and flexible depth compensation feature that allows adjustments anywhere from 80 to 110 mm, it is easy for professional installers to install.


    Simply a more beautiful shower

    The nice thing about our work is that it is never finished. Because every solution our designers come up with is accompanied by ten more. Our development department is always open to ideas from our customers and constantly monitors market trends. For example, if you ever see the new head shower up close, you'll ask yourself: How did KEUCO designers do that again? After all, the head section of the shower is only an unbelievable 6.5 mm thick. A valuable addition for your personal bathroom planning, but also for our range of universal items which complement the various editions.


    Customers appreciate consistency

    People like change, but they need consistency. KEUCO establishes an interesting link between the two. Because, in the midst of all the innovative solutions and new design approaches, one thing remains consistent: the high quality of our product's workmanship. We can only satisfy your and our expectations if we are just as uncompromising in the choice of raw materials as we are in the workmanship. That is also why every KEUCO component, such as our fitting classic ELEGANCE , is made in Germany. You can depend on it - or why not find out for yourself by visiting our plant in Hemer?

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