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Considered objectively, EDITION 400 from KEUCO is merely a modern and modular bathroom furnishing system. Thankfully, though, bathrooms are essentially about emotions and your sense of wellbeing. Because this furnishing concept, which was developed by the Tesseraux + Partner design agency and is the recipient of renowned design awards, offers a multitude of combinations and configurations, to lend expression to your individuality. So relish the freedom and explore the possibilities.

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EDITION 400 - Passion makes the difference


Functionality can be this beautiful. Find out for yourself.

Washbasin fittings


The special thing about EDITION 400 fittings is the perfection in the details. This is exemplified par excellence in the single-lever washbasin mixers, which are available in five sizes with spout heights from 80 mm to 290 mm for washbasins of all kinds. Imperceptible from the outside, a special feature integrated in the spout is the adjustable aerator.

Black Concept fittings and accessories

Combination safe and expressive

The noble, matt black look radiates a mysterious extravagance and at the same time gives the bathroom a cosy atmosphere. The velvet matt quality is extremely pleasant to the touch and is characterised by its particular insensitivity and ease of care.


Bathroom extravagance

EDITION 400 fittings and accessories are also available in exclusive metallic finishes. In warm bronze, champagne-coloured nickel and opulent black chrome they give the bathroom a completely distinctive character. The exclusive matte or lustre finishes employ colour to add accents.

Shower fittings

Pure showering delight

Even in the shower cubicle, the possibilities are unlimited: The sliding rail for the hand shower with hand shower bracket is a visual treat and very convenient to use. With normal, soft and massage jet, the hand shower produces pure showering delight.


Form and function

There is no room for compromise in daily routine. That is why, for Edition 400 single-lever mixers for baths and showers, form and function go hand in hand. All you have to do is concentrate on the essentials.

Free-standing bathtub mixer

Eye-catcher in the bathroom

The new bathtub mixer stands alone and can be perfectly combined with a variety of bathtubs. With separate hand shower and practical glass shelf for bathroom utensils it impresses with superior design.

EDITION 400 fittings

Here you will find EDITION 400 products from the fittings area.


When functional features allow formal reduction.



A filigree design aesthetic, special functional features in the details and high quality - this is how EDITION 400 accessories set the tone and create a sensuous atmosphere in the bathroom. With their practical functionality and elegantly slender appearance they pamper the user. The lotion dispenser and tumbler holder are also harmoniously coordinated in design - two perfectly matching companions. Combined with a utensil shelf, the accessories add comfort to the bathroom.



The KEUCO-typical variety of products offers a rich selection for discerning bathroom design. In the hook segment alone the assortment ranges from double towel hook right throught to single towel hook. A special feature the double towel hook offers is that the towel is hung up from the back - leaving the design in view even when in use.

Towel rack


For demanding private or hotel bathrooms, KEUCO has designed a remarkable towel rack with integrated towel holder. The four glass colours of anthracite, white, cashmere and truffle coordinate perfectly with the colours of many of KEUCO's furniture pieces. An eye-catcher for lovers of the unique.

shower shelf

Two in one

The shower shelf is made of premium aluminium, so it is particularly unsusceptible to wear and tear and durable. Unapparent at first glance, it has a surprise in store with a "docking station" for the glass squeegee. Harmoniously integrated in the design, it prevents items in the shower from falling.



For the toilet, EDITION 400 accessories harmoniously match the overall design of your bathroom architecture. With its particularly delicate design, the toilet paper holder has the potential to become a new classic. It can be swivelled, it has an extremely slender appearance and it positively floats on the wall. With its little secrets, even the wall-mounted toilet brush set sparkles: On the outside it presents itself in fine, satin glass, but inside it impresses with a practical, removable holder. The toilet brush hanging hygienically inside it is concealed below a lid.


Essential for quiet places

With its rounded corners, the EDITION 400 toilet paper holder with shelf harmoniously combines soft, organic shapes with the slender, straight-line contours, producing an effect of aesthetic lightness. The remarkable design of the paper holder offers ample shelf space in the WC.

EDITION 400 accessories

Here you will find EDITION 400 products from the accessories area.

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